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A team of professional expert writers working with you individually on college research papers and essays, quick and personalized customer care, balanced prices, direct access to your writer and monetary quality guarantees ensure premium essay assignments.

You need help with essay writing for your own reasons. Whatever your reasons, those are your business. We do not represent any institution or authority, so we only care about providing you a service.

You might be a struggling college student from a poor family, who hopes to improve your future by pushing your way through a degree program. You could be a single parent raising your child, working a full-time job and studying at college. Perhaps you have so much of a workload that you cannot manage everything. It is possible that you do not have access to the kinds of materials you need to write your essay or you do not know where to find it. Maybe you do not have Internet access at home and getting into town to an Internet enabled computer is a great burden. Perhaps it is also costly and over all, hiring a professional to write the essay will save you money.

You may not yet possess a strong enough comprehension of the subject to write an adequate essay, even though you are building your knowledge in preparation for exams. You just cannot acquire the proficiency quickly enough to write this essay on time. That means relevant examples and factual evidence would be scanty at best.

Whatever your reason, we support you in creating an essay that will win you a great grade.


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Your grade matters, but you don't have time to write another essay


Our team of professionals are ready to help you and collaborate with you on the production of term papers, essays, research papers, thesis, or any other writing projects you might be faced with.

Our professional essay writers work closely with you to create the kind of paper you really need and want. We are here to serve you; that is our job. You get direct contact with the writer and there is a money-back guarantee so you know for sure that you will receive the highest grade of service and writing.

You may need an essay written on a very focused topic. Our writers can do it for you, whether it is Law, Medicine, History, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, English, Political Science, Business, Marketing, or any of the many other fields our writers have deep skills in writing.

As for timing, essays always have a critical time element attached to their requirements. Whether you need an essay in a month, a week, or 24 hours, we are always ready with a fast turnaround time.

When you need help with essay writing you expect an original essay. Every essay our writers create is 100% original. You never have to worry about plagiarism, since our team is so skilled in their disciplines that they do not need to rely on plagiarism to create top class essays.

Our prices represent a good deal for the quality of service that we provide and anyone serious about buying a good essay would be crazy to pass this up. If you paid the cheapest price you could find on the Internet, you would get a writer who would not even understand English, let alone be capable of producing anything remotely resembling an essay.

Of course, there are those at the other end of the spectrum who charge absurdly high prices for the exact same thing you could get at a reasonable price. And that is exactly what ours are – reasonable. Our prices represent a standard in the industry, but we have assembled a crack crew of writers that outclass any other site you can find. In addition, we give you individual attention and work closely with you without charging you additional for this personal touch.

When you have worked with us, you will know the value of our services. When you read the essay we produce for you, you will know the value of our products. We take it seriously to help with essay writing and you benefit greatly for the cost. The cost is far lower than the value of our products and services.

Finally, you can see why you need us and why you should hire us to help with essay writing. Just to summarize, these are the reasons:

  • High quality essays
  • Low price to quality ratio
  • Great customer service
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Privacy guarantee
  • Secure payments
  • Close writer-client collaboration
  • No plagiarism whatsoever
  • Direct contact with writer
  • Fast turnaround
  • Many fields of expertise

You have specific reasons for needing help with essay writing and we provide so many benefits to hiring us to help you achieve your goals. We are a match made in heaven. Contact us for a professional quote today. We are waiting to hear from you.


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…and relax. Essay writing could be stressful.


Have you heard of a butterfly effect? It's the term from chaos theory which in popular words implies that that wings of a single butterfly might create tiny changes in atmosphere that result in occurrence, prevention on delay of tornado in certain location. Put in other words, every tiny action or event can have much more serious results than we can imagine.

What does it have to do with you? Such mundane thing as browsing the Internet with a view to find help with essay writing can have far-reaching repercussions on your life within next several years. And you cannot say right now what consequences would be, as simply by the look of the site, you can't predict the quality of their service. Of course you can contact their support to see if there's a live person out there or if the site has been sort of abandoned, but many other factors are less straightforward in their consequences.

With a very favorable concatenation of events ( with right keyword, word of the mouth, or right site pick) you get to our site and decide to order from us. You get:

  • fair prices balancing decent writer pay and affordability for clients,
  • team of qualified writers that have been carefully chosen from thousands of applicants and have recommended themselves as outstanding writers and experts in their field,
  • quick and personalized customer care that follows you through entire order process,
  • manual pick of writer with proper expertise and experience for your order by our managers,
  • direct access to your writer for most effective collaboration,
  • fair refund policies protecting you from substandard product and service.

But you may enter slightly different keyword into search engine and get to different site. There's a wide range of consequences that the choice of site brings, and some of them are:

  1. You got to very good looking site with very expensive design and other features and decide that the company that creates such expensive website is a trustworthy. But it can turn out that the company invested too much in its site and now it wants money back via high prices of its service and low-costing writers that deliver it. You pay a lot but get your paper done by "cheap" unprofessional writers. Actually, you're paying for design and site features.
  2. You choose a site with reputation and high amount of clients. You think that if the site is so popular, they ought to deliver quality help with academic essay writing. In reality, sites with too many clients may practice "economy of scale" policy and since they have quite a lot of clients, they don't pay much attention to every individual order. They do not worry about each feedback as in general, they have enough good feedbacks.
  3. You get to a site that is obviously a family business and papers are written by one or a couple of writers. While sometimes this may be a better option, if such sites receive more orders than they can handle, they are either too overwhelmed and may turn your paper down, delay it, make it in hurry, or they can quickly hire new writers without previous due verification to deal with increasing orders. This may result, as you have guessed, in delayed orders or substandard quality.
  4. You chose a normal looking site with seemingly average customer base and you think it's your choice for help with essay writing. Now, before you make final choice you have to make sure that the site has a good refund policy. Do you know that most sites offering custom writing service and help with essay writing never issue refunds, though they write "money-back guarantee" on every page? In reality, they follow the policy of unlimited revisions (even if they're delayed and you don't need then anymore) and no refunds. Those who are at least somehow honest, can write these conditions up in their Terms and Conditions section or their support can inform you about such policy should you ask. But very often companies can promise you money back and only after you have made the payment, received your substandard order and claimed for your right for refund, you find out about these rule. They're ready to revise your paper until the end of the world, while in reality you have to submit it in hours. Read our Refund Policy. This is very clear and honest document outlining conditions that qualify for full and partial refund. You have to know that despite nice promises on every site, it's the refund policy that is the real indicator of quality (besides the paper that you actually receive, of course).

You must agree that all these minor factors, when taken together, can result in some big effects not only on the fate of your current paper, but your further way of life. Thus, if you buy a research paper at wrong custom writing service, you may receive poorly written paper which will result in low grade and more efforts that you will have to put into this subject to compensate this grade. You will lose trust for custom writing services and will have to work hard on your own to cope will all your high school or college subjects. Some plagiarized or very poorly written paper may bring you more serious consequences as suspension from studies, failure of entire course or even threat of being expelled from college.

At the same time, quality and individualized service providing essay help will produce a good essay written according to your requirements and college standards. You will receive good grade and will come back to work with your writer on other assignments. He/she will help you complete the most difficult college research papers, provide explanations on things you have difficulty with, consult you on all college-related matters. In the end, you will receive good grades, better understanding on the subject matter even without necessity to write all your research papers and essays, and balanced, comfortable college life where you have time to learn actively and concentrate on your lessons, but also you have time to address other issues and entrust your academic assignments to reliable partner.

Is it not the butterfly effect?

Again, you need help with essay writing and we are able to provide you with a high class essay you deserve at reasonable prices. Contact us to discuss your essay now.


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Let someone else carry your essay writing burden


A team of expert writers in almost every field of academic knowledge working with you individually on your essay writing tasks, friendly and quick customer care, originality and quality guarantees, direct communication with your writer and fair balanced prices ensure 100% satisfaction with your essay writing service.

Have you ever come across a situation when you don't know how to write your high school or college essay that needs to be submitted urgently, and there's nobody around to help you with knowledgeable advise? It's very easy to imagine such situation when you need help with essay, as very often teachers give students assignments without proper explanation on how to do them, or without proper discussion of the topic that needs to be covered. While sometimes it's fun to explore some topics completely on your own, very often the issue may be complicated or not so easy to grasp, and you're left alone with assignment that you're not properly prepared to handle.

Furthermore, there are different types of essays, such as argumentative essay, personal essay, cause and effect essay, analytic essay, critical essay, narrative essay and many others. Your teacher should explain what type of essay they expect you to write, and how to do that. For instance, if you have to produce narrative essay for tomorrow's class, are you sure you understand how to do it and how it differs from classic 5-paragraph essay? Should you use other sources? Should you research the topic? Should you analyze the issue or criticize a book?

We can research instructions on these essay types and examples, but given many assignments from other courses, this may also be difficult to do. Therefore sometimes you may need to request essay writing help from our friend, relative, or from an expert that makes money on helping college students with their essay writing tasks.

Our company is one the companies that provides high quality, good essay writing help for high school, college and university students. We have worked in the market of essay writing services for over 5 years and have gathered a team of writers who posses proper expertise in their professional field and excellent writing skills. You will enjoy direct contact with your writer, will be able to control the writing process, request drafts, revisions, and receive constant feedback on every step of order execution process.

Please, contact our customer care representatives for quote on your essay writing task.


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