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Custom-written essays, research papers, term papers, reports and other types of academic writing help.

Update instructons at anytime, upload unlimited files, pick the writer, request free unlimited drafts and revisions, get 0% plagiarism report.

  • Research paper
  • Essay
  • Dissertation
  • Report
  • Analysis
  • Review
  • Bibliography
  • Memo
  • Excel Spreadheet
  • Power Point Presentation

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Our academic writing service guarantees



All our papers are written from scratch according to your instructions. We adhere to 0% plagiarism policy.


Our writers are experts in custom writing. We will return your money if your paper does not meet quality standards.


You will get your paper before the deadline.


We will revise your paper as many times as necessary to get you fully satisfied with the result.

Academic writing service with excellent reputation



Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced, 1 inch margins. 300 words per page.


Our prices start from $11.80 per page.


MLA, APA, HArvard, Turabian, Chicago formatted, valid in-text citations with page numbers


Title page, Abstract, Works Cited (Reference) page, and Table of contents

We know your needs


Personal Writer understands that in today’s world people are overwhelmed with tasks, jobs, family issues, and that sometimes coping with all the deadlines can be extremely tough.

It's especially true when you have problems with understanding some subjects. Every individual has different innate talents and interests. Some of us are more inclined to humanitarian sciences, while others posses profound technical skills. Despite this, modern world expects us to excel in each and every subject. Thus, many people need expert’s assistance to keep pace with life and meet external expectations. This is a point where you start to seek secure and trustworthy academic writing services.

Our company employs a team of expert writers who provide academic assistance on various subjects. We offer academic writing help for:

  • Critiques
  • Memorandums
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Proposals
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Journals

We are one of the oldest companies providing academic writing for graduate students, undergraduates and high school students.


Individualized custom writing service to suit your needs


When you order academic research and writing service with us, our administrator will assign your order to a writer who has the best expertise in that patricular field. We grant you complete control over order execution process: our project page allows you to directly chat with your writer, send them materials, check the progress, request drafts and, if necessary, revisions.

Create your own writing team

If you like a particular writer, you can assign him or her to your next projects. In this way you will have confidence that all your papers completed with have the same writing style.

Outstanding support

Our administrator is always there to help you manage your projects and requests. They follow all your orders from the moment you post them to the moment of delivery, select teams of writers and editors according to your specifications.

Rich Knowledge Source

We possess an extensive library of textbooks and research materials on a variety of subjects. You can feel confidence that if you cannot send chapters of your own textbook, your writer will have high quality sources of information.

Expert Team

Our company has been on the market of custom research and academic writing services for more than 10 years. Over this time, we have created an ultimate professional team of writers and researchers with deep knowledge of all the fine nuances of academic writing.


Your Personal Writer Quality Guarantees:


100% originality

Our papers are 100% plagiarism free and written from scratch. If you detect any unreferenced material, you can request your money back, no questions asked.

Custom research and writing work

First you make your custom writing order and provide your instructions, then our writer starts work. If you provide outline of the paper, our writer will write it exactly according to that outline. If you provide the sources that the writer has to study to complete the task, he or she will study all those resources before starting on your work. Some our clients study online and they provide access to their accounts for our writer to get materials, participate in forum discussions, receive feedback from the teacher, watch videos, complete simulations, read articles and books and deliver high quality product - it’s like having your own highly qualified personal assistant on all academic matters.

Timely delivery

Over 10 years of custom writing work, our writers have developed an outstanding skill of speed research and writing without skipping on quality. We can do quality research in as little as 30 minutes, and write a page of completely original paper in under 30 minutes. We do our best to meet your deadlines. Still, you need to be aware that some things are physically impossible. We cannot write a 10-page paper in 2 hours. Please, expect at least 30 minutes per page plus at least 30 minutes for research.

Unlimited revisions

You can ask for as many revision as it takes to make your paper perfect. If you feel that the delivered paper misses on some of your paper requirements, we will have it revised by the same writer, or even by different writer to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please, note ,however, that we can revise the paper only according to those instructions that have been provided by you in the initial order details. If you need revision according to new instructions, the decision will be upon discretion of your writer or support manager.

Expert writers

Our writers are good professionals in their fields, good academic writers, and good learners! They love to learn new things and to write on the things that they already know! Over the years of successful operation, we have gathered a team of exceptional writers: professional, responsible, smart, eloquent, knowledgeable of academic writing styles and other academic writing requirements, enthusiastic and friendly. Many of them became true virtual assistants to many of our clients, helping them to successfully complete their studies and staying with them for work projects, from marketing research to accounting tasks, letters and proposals. Professional, reliable and honest - these are the top qualities of Your Personal Writer.

Fast and attentive support

Assigning qualified writers to your paper, addressing your inquires and requests, checking on status, reviewing papers, handling payment matters, giving you delivery estimations and even personal advise - these are daily tasks of our customer support. Just contact us via email, chat or phone, we’re ready to help you!

Proper formatting of research papers

MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian - you name it. Our writers have proficiency in all these styles. No more lower grades because of silly citation mistakes! Our writers will help you make a perfectly formatted paper!


Safety on the website, safety of payment, safety of order delivery are our priorities. You’re safe with us, and you can entrust us your research and writing tasks. Neither our writers nor support representatives know your personal payment information like credit cards or account numbers. Your payment is processed via Paypal which keeps all your personal financial information private and secure.


We don’t need your personal information to serve you well. Just give us details of your assignment and we start our research. We value your privacy and protect your information. We do not disclose details of your order or your research paper to anyone. Only the papers that have been refunded and have not been used by our clients are posted on our website as samples. Our writers and customer support reps are bound by confidentiality agreements to ensure your peace of mind.

Personal Writer helps you to work on what really matters


By offering our custom research and writing services, we in no way mean to undermine your education or intellectual development process or allow you to “slack off”. Our mission is to offer you our expertise to help you manage your priorities in the best efficient way.
Our task is to make you understand the tough subjects better and deal with those academic tasks that would otherwise jeopardize your degree or academic success.

The problem with modern education is that too many institutions rely on research paper and essay writing as a major evaluation tool for your knowledge. And you know well that in real world of your profession, essay writing is not the most important skill that you will need. You may work in spheres where you will never need to write an essay or research paper, yet you will use knowledge that you acquired in your college in more practical, hands-on ways. Doctors, accountants, engineers rarely write essays for their work. So it still remains a big mystery why essay or research paper writing is the main tool to measure your proficiency on the subject when you are in school or college.
The problem is, not everyone is a good writer. You can be good IT specialist, good doctor, good economist - good specialist, just not a good writer. And just for the fact that you’re don’t excel in citation style, in rigorous academic research, in proper ways to put out theses and construct sentences in academic way, you risk failing your course. That’s where Personal Writer’s service can be helpful to you. We’re professional custom research and writing service and we will help you with essay and research paper writing tasks. Moreover, we will tutor you in areas of your subjects that you are not confident at.
Our aspiration is to work with you together, in creative and constructive process, to make sure you understand the subject and have quality, properly cited and academically researched work to deliver as evaluation of your understanding.

Don’t be lazy


We’re not in the business to promote laziness. In fact, most of our clients take active part in paper writing process, providing ideas and their research to the writer, checking on the progress, re-reading and re-writing their papers.


Please be aware that we write research paper samples - yes, they are tailored to your individual instructions and written from scratch, 100% original and to the point, but they serve you as a sample for your own paper. You can use parts of our papers, you can use the sources that we used, model our referencing style, but you’re not supposed to submit somebody else’s paper as yours.

Our prices start from $12.80 per page

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