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According to our on-site statistics, 96% of first-timers make their second order within 2 weeks. Other three percent return after a month. Our research paper writing service is industry leader in essay writing services recommendation.


Wow - thank you so much for all your work on this case study!  I am so grateful to you for your incredible work.  Even after a brief initial read, I actually understand the task at hand (I didn't beforehand!) and as I write up the notes and combine it with some further research of my own, my understanding and learning of these topics will only deepen further. I can't thank you enough! 


my paper was flippen Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!, your web site has been the answer to my prayers, what happened was my computer is so old, with the operating system i had i was unable to find, it retrieve it, and i just panicked.Im so sorry, please i can only hope you will continue to work for me? best wishes dana


your work is always good, your effort is always great, and you are very precise 4 Do not overthink it and stress yourself, don’t 2nd guess yourself because you are Awesome every -time in everything. Do you realize for the midterm you got 105? That’s over the required 100 grade! All of your papers are A’s no worries. It will go fine and I will be available for you the entire time :)


Can you please not make this paper as perfect as the one you did previous time? That paper on anti-plastic marketing campaign got the highest grade in my class and now the teacher thinks I’m the smartest student. Can you make this paper good, but not too good please? I do not want to stand out much.


thank you guys . You are great and are making my life so much easier And my writer is the best! I am a single mom that works full time and goes to school full time also, and you guys helping me with my projects , helps me have more free time with my son. So from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate you all


It is exceptional! I wish I had been more involved. You nailed it so well. It a very good piece of work and it is great to read, you have done an amazing job :)))))) . I will tidy but not too much to do at all


I’ve got the results of the exam. 94 is an excellent grade and consistent with the first exam. This is one more example of why you should become a counselor. Your understanding is amazing, and your knowledge is solid.


First, I’m impressed with your ability to write concisely. You have a solid argument. Overall, it’s clear that you understand Duhigg's central claim about the power of habits. You also present interesting ideas for the reader to consider.


Just wanted to let you know that I have received all grades back from my previous two subjects and I have passed all essays with rather good grades.    Although my next two subjects are mainly creative writing focused and not essay based, I will be doing a lot of my assignments on my own, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you thank you thank you so much for helping and being so patient with me through the tense times we have experienced!    Im very grateful to have you and Zach who are very caring and attentive to my requests.   I shall be in touch perhaps next semester when the essay's start rolling in again!


Please send my sincere thanks to my writer. I have just briefly flicked through it and am happy with the written piece. If anything needs changing I can easily change it around myself.   If you both lived closer to where I live I would be sending you both a present because I am ever so grateful for how much you make my life a lot easier.   Its weird, because I feel as though I know you both as I have formed this trust and working relationship with you and you're both on the other side of the world!   I have almost finished this semester, so I am sure we will be in touch again soon with the next subject.   Look forward to working with you both again soon!   Ciao for now


Got your paper, it’s as good as always. Thank you for helping me with this class. Without your help, I would not be able to complete tis degree this year.


Just want to say thank you for your help and time through what was a stormy and rocky period. As always, we get though every single time.   I was really happy with my writer's final revised work, and he left me a lovely message on the writer's website explaining his changes, and answered additional questions I had.   Lets hope I receive very high grades!   I look forward to working with you again very soon.   Im very glad I have found a organisation which is efficient, friendly and helpful. I will be sending Zach a message on the website to send my thanks.


Thank you for your work. I appreciate it very much. Our writing style is very similar and I love that. I apologize for any confusion or what seemed like criticism because I have only respect for you.




Thank you for consistency and kindness, it is greatly appreciated. Feel better soon and enjoy your family.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sorry for all the emails but I'm such a worry wart!


ok that's great , thank you so much I do not know what I would do without you guys


Thank you for posting peer response, they were good. I hope you got a break from working to take some time for yourself.


Thank you so much for your effort and being patient. On my end, I also have to reread a couple times on your writings so I would know the details and overall contents of the paper. They all have rich and thoughtful messages.To me, they are impressive.Thank you very much again


Thank you Ana, I’m really glad for an outstanding customer service you have afforded to me. I am truly satisfied.


This looks like a descent quality. The outline is worth more from what I have asked for. It's good, I like it. 


I got the paper. The content of words is perfectly adequate. I like your way of using the level of English on this paper. I am positive that this paper brings a good start for me. There will be more orders coming. I hope you can still do my orders even when you are going away for a vacation. Thank you Zoey for completing on time.


Everything looks perfect ... Thank you so much! I appreciate it.


Looks terrific! Something I couldn't have done because I am a creative writer, not a research paper writer! All the hard work and effort that went into this is MUCH appreciated. Thank you!


I was blown away by both reports GREAT JOB! You guys never cease to amaze me. The environmental Science report received a perfect 200/200 points. Flawless! I have not gotten a grade back for the Script Assignment but I thought it was perfect and did way better than I expected. Your writer said she is no expert :) could have fooled me.


I am happy with the grade I got(95/100) on one essay titled "Drive Essay 1". I have to share you(if you don't mind) the comments made by my professor below. He praised on some good ideas and strong arguments. To me, I think the paper presented a solid ideas and flow of thoughts. It was very well-organized which can stand out clearly when compared to other paper within the class. Another ting thing I like about the paper is that it conforms and imitates my style of writing. So thank you Zoey for your effort. You are a topnotch writing coach and I'm glad you're there whom I can rely on.


This paper is quite impressive! I have 2 days rehearsal before submitting the audio interview. You have exceeded beyond my expectations.


I'm sharing you the latest comment below is the from my professor on my essay. Overall, I'm happy and satisfied with your efforts for doing your best in helping me with my paper. Thank you very much.


Your guys ROCK!!! your customer service is OUTSTANDING!!! Its been a long time since I have encountered such great and timely customer service. I will definately continue to use your service in the future. I used another site before and I have to say although they did an alright job I recieved it 18 hrs passed my deadline and the customer service was the worst! Thank you for your assistance. I will have to thank my friend again you are worth every penny.


I think our paper always gets a very good grade every time which I am very satisfied with. So I expect this level to be the norm. This is because the highest possible grade one get ranges from 95-100%, an equivalent to letter grade of "A". This standard is quite high since an "A" grade ranges between 90-100%. But no matter how my professor sets the grading criteria, I am happy with the grade I'm getting so far. Thanks to your help Zoey, the paper always gets an A grade so far.


I have never expect you'd do beyond what i have expected for. I scanned the structure and contents of the project and i'm convinced it to be a very well crafted. Thank you. The letter was very touching, and kind of inspiring which push me to not just be an average, but to become an exceptional nurse instead. Thank you for the paper. I really liked the result.


Thank you for all of your help. This is my last class and last paper before I receive my MBA. I never thought I would have to use a service such as this; however, my husband got deployed very unexpectedly and the stress was just a bit much. I can’t thank you enough for all of your help during this time.


Hi guys this is my teacher's feedback on our essay: I can tell you read the book discerningly, and that you were careful in your organization and overall presentation of ideas. The relevant arguments are related together in a clear manner which achieves a good overall analysis and synthesis without being redundant. The essay is well organized, achieving a good balance between context, research, discussion, analysis, and synthesis.


I was told the paper is OK. :-) Thank you very much! In the New Year I wish you many satisfied costumers as I am - You are great and helped me a lot !!


You are so awesome -) . I will be using you in the very near future. I think I love


I believed it can fit in a single page but I will add one more page because I see your professionalism and quality, and an excellent customer service experience I had in your company.


THANK YOU!! This is great. I can tweak this and have an excellent paper. It is bit long, but I can shape it in to what I need. Thank you very much, I will use your services again!!


I appreciate Your promptness and having flexibility.I have no doubts on your ability based on the outcome for every paper you do for me. I wish I could develop that skill, by being able to have a flow of ideas and excellent sequencing of thoughts in writing.


you did a paper for me about outlaws in england in 13th century and i was very pleased with it, so thank you.


Hi, your work is very impressive as usual. It looks very good and I now feel satisfied.I really appreciate your help.


WOW, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! there is not enough words to show my appreciation ESPECIALLY after i made a mistake with that deadline!! i wish there was a way to leave a message about how great you guys are on the website (i searched but couldnt find where). i will definitely use you for my next paper!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi! the response is very well done and sounds impressive!yes,I will follow your advice to read and understand the article.Thank you very much,I agree to the ideas you have written and I really appreciate your work.


Thank you for completing the paper ahead of schedule. I am happy to have found this site having an excellent writer. btw, I got a great comments on Murray article response and I was very happy with. Thank you.


Omg! Thank you so much life saver.


I just wanted to extend my thanks to you for doing such an awesome job on the paper! Hopefully, I can pull the presentation off! :)


I have read the finished essay and i am impressed and very satisfied with the result. thank you,it is well done.


I appreciate your business very much, I have found my self in a very tight situation with time, including my 2 kids and 2 science courses I am taking this summer.


Thank you and i must say you guys are really quick with replies!!! keep it up...i will be buying more essays from you guys in the near future since next semester is starting in a month:)


I just wanted to let you guys know that you got a Perfect score on my Career Assignment. Thanks!!!


Wow, I'm so impressed by the paper I recieved! Really you are all truly awesome,I will always keep comming back to your site. I love your prompt and outstanding customer service and the work goes beyond my expectations. Thank you once again, I will be in touch.


Thank you so much. I am impressed and I feel great! I have a feeling that we will have a great working relationship:) Thank you!


Hi there, thanks so much for the paper and it's very beautifully written.....


This is perfect! Great job, as usual.


Thank you for the kind words. You are extremely professional and courteous and I have found working with you to be very pleasing as well.I am glad that you are here and your service is unparalleled. I will be calling on you soon.


I will continue to use your services over any other as you (personally and company-wide) have always been nothing but courteous, polite, professional and friendly.


Thank you for my orders! I feel as though you guys are really my personal writer! You do outstanding work for me and always on time.


thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!! I will find the addresses for the references from the guy who sent them to me. Thank you so much for everything and tell the writer thanks BIGG time as well!!! I'll be emailing you back before the night is out.


The paper is AWESOME!!! I'm about to send it off to my professor now.


Your writer did an excellent job on the midterm. He got 100%. Please let him know if we are ever in the same area Dinner is on me and I look forward to him working on the finals.


Thank you for the updates to the status of the paper. The paper is great!!!


Yes, thanks for doing this for me you guys are amazing. I will be using your service more than once in the coming years.


First of all, many thanks for your writer's help and effort done for this paper. Without you and your writer's help, it wouldn't to be so smooth to complete this paper on time. In fact, I feel that this law subject is quite complicated to me and it was much difficulty to getting start to write this law paper if without your writer's help.


The papers that you sent me Monday were GREAT!!! I reviewed them right before I turned them in and they were very very good. Tell the writer he did good!! Thanks.


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for your writer (I will write her pesonally as well) who helped me for my previous paper. I got an 'A' grade for this paper. Many thanks for the writer's great work!! :)


Lovely papers!!! the writer did a Great job!!!


I would like to express my sincere thank you for you and the writer! I have submitted the assignment and everything gone smooth, thanks!!


Thank you so much for the essay. Have a good day.


Thank you ever so much im really satisfied with the quality of paper. I will definetely use the service again.


It is perfect as it is.


Hi, i just like to share my thoughts for the work you guys have done for me. if it wasn't for you guy, i don't know what i would of done. as exams are near, and I'm sinking with homework, you guys have provided me with some help which i appreciate very much. I will be for sure buy from you guys again next semester.


lol, on your website, it says 250 words per page or so. i checked and they were 350-360words a page on the essay. i was veryy impressed! I'm very excited to use your service next time and i'm sure my friend will get a A on this essay!!!


Outstanding Job! Thank you, the two paper your writers prepared for me We received an 93%=A. Thanks so much. You took a lot of stress from my shoulders. Thanks for all your valuable help.


Thanks for such a fantastic research paper. I love it.


I will need help with two more papers. I will send you more info this weekend they are not due until the first week or March. You and the writers has assited me in so many ways that you cannot even imaging and I am very grateful for.


Thank you for your kind words. You and the writer help me plenty and save my life. Thanks so much for helping me. I really appreciated all your work. I will let you know what we get for a letter grade on all the projects next week.


Your service did help me out a lot, I’ve been struggling with English and Economics papers being due. I’ve tried to find information for my paper, but I couldn’t make up my mind on what I really wanted to write about and how to put it all together. The performance was excellent! There’s no second guessing the service and quality of paper I’m receiving. I think the quality of the paper is fantastic, I couldn’t of done a better job myself especially on short notice. The writers did excellent. The prices were okay, I was looking at other websites and realized that they were the same prices or higher. Personal-Writers did an excellent job, especially on short notice. I didn’t feel stressed out on getting my paper done or overwhelm with other assignments that needed to be done as well. Their additional services and prices are fantastic, and because of that I will be a returning customer. Thanks Personal-Writers!


This is an excellent piece of work. I will be sending your more papers before the end of July. Thanks a million!!!


Thanks for your help. I look forward to your assistance with future writing assignments.


Hi - so I have read the paper and it is certainly a really interesting approach which I tihnk we can use to inspire the proposal. I really like the way the paper explores concepts of agency within CSE and vulnerability, so building off that would be a fascinating piece of research. I also found the referencing of feminist research and the gendered nature CSE interesting, as it is an area I have been working in for a while with regard to boys experience of abuse and subsequent responses. Sounds like we are onto a winner :)


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