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Counseling research paper writing

Professional academic writing help for your counseling and psychotherapy papers and essays

Order our academic essay writing service to get help with research, drafting, writing and editing of counseling essays, research papers, reviews, case studies, term papers, and literature reviews. In our team, we have graduate students of psychology who have proper knowledge and expertise with custom academic writing on topics of psychology, psychotherapy, and counseling.

What is counseling

The term counseling is often used as a synonym for psychotherapy. There is one difference though. The counselor does not necessarily need to have a college degree in psychology or psychotherapy to be able to provide counseling services. People of other professions, especially teachers, priests, nurses can provide counseling services and facilitate counseling in groups.

Now, there emerge specializations in counseling in many schools and colleges. However, people with other specialties can undertake counseling courses lasting from 6 months to a few years to receive training in a particular therapeutic approach, such as person-centered counseling, narrative therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, etc. Some therapists adhering to humanistic and post-modern therapeutic systems do not like to call themselves therapists as the term "therapy" implies a disease-based model of helping people. Specialists in these humanistic (such as existentialist, person-centered, Gestalt) and post-modern approaches (such as narrative, feminist and solution-focused brief therapy) believe that people are not sick per se but rather have temporary problems caused by combination of external and intrapsychic factors, and these problems can be solved by nobody other than the clients themselves.

Such practitioners believe that clients are experts in their own lives and the role of the counselor is to support them, provide them hope and encouragement and facilitate the process of change for the better. That’s why such psychotherapists call themselves counselors of facilitators. Many of them consider the application of therapeutic techniques and interventions not as important as the process of establishing a trusting relationship with the client, being present, emphatic, attentive and supportive. Acting as a good friend, they believe, makes people feel accepted and validated, provides them hope and courage to look within and figure out solutions to their problems.

The term counseling, therefore, is even more encompassing than the term psychotherapy, as it includes all the practices of psychotherapy, but also methods of those people who view themselves rather as friends and facilitators than therapists. The term counseling also moves away from a disease-based model of treatment and embodies the belief that people are not sick, do not necessarily require diagnoses and can solve their problems with the counselor's support and encouragement.

Also, counseling does not only mean helping people solve their psychological problems or disorders such as depression, insomnia, anxiety and mood disorders, etc. Counseling can take place in the school setting and aim at helping students figure out their future professions. It can be carried out by priests, nurses and other medical personnel in assisting people to deal with losses, death of their relatives, unemployment and other situational difficulties. Feminist counselors, for instance, take a keen stance in social activism and help their clients not only adjust to external circumstances, but take measures to change these circumstances if they are connected with inequality, discrimination, abuse, and other social issues.

So, as you see, a counselor is a very complex profession. It requires knowledge of contemporary therapeutic systems, ability to connect with people, provide unconditional support, encouragement, and at times (especially in case of feminist therapies), tangible help that has to do with referring people to social services, giving concrete tools of dealing with injustice, abuse and discrimination, contacting agencies for material support, etc.

What it means to be a student of counseling

When you study counseling, you need to acquire the primary skills that will enable you to help people change their lives for the better. You need to be aware of major contemporary therapeutic systems, tools and techniques they use in dealing with people’s problems. You also need to strengthen your skill of empathetic listening and connecting to people, being able to hear them out without judgment and desire to impose your own values or ready-made solutions on them. You need to be able to define the roots of people’s problems or direct them to actions that will help resolve them.

You cannot fake empathy and genuine interest in people’s problems, you need to develop yourself as a person to discover and cultivate these qualities as part of your personality. You need to be able to introspect and be aware of your own inner conflicts or issues, cultural impositions or limitations to be able to connect with people more. First, you will be present in counseling sessions, whether taking a personal therapy or participating in group sessions. Then you will be assisting counselors in their work in other people, and then you will start conducting sessions on your own under the guidance of your tutor. All these steps are essential in your development as a professional counselor.

As you see, none of these processes requires writing as an indispensable part of your professional development. Perhaps you will have to write notes about your clients' sessions, and if you practice post-modern approaches, you might have to write letters to your clients with a summary of progress and questions for future work. But apart from that, this profession does not require from you to be an eloquent writer. The problem is that when you study counseling in college, writing is one of the main things teachers use to evaluate your knowledge and skills on the subject. You can have extensive mastery of therapeutic models, techniques, and tools, you can easily connect to people, you can see how using some tools in particular situations positively influence results of the counseling, you can develop your professional intuition and feeling of individual needs of each specific person. Yet none of this will help you get a good grade in college if you cannot write academic essays and research papers.

Custom academic writing services help you with counseling essays

Here’s where your personal paper writing service can be of help. Many people are innate healers and counselors, they have a talent for working with people, but they are not proficient in writing papers. Especially academic papers, as there is a particular way in which academic essays, case studies, and reports need to be researched and written. One needs to know how to write in a dry, formal scholarly style, how to reference all the resources well, how to integrate all the research into one’s arguments, and how to express their ideas in clear and concise, yet sufficient and logical way. That’s where it makes sense to outsource your writing tasks to professional academic writers who have been writing academic papers for years. In our team, we have writers with a background in counseling, psychotherapy, and psychology who love research, doing analytical tasks and will type a good quality essay according to your requirements.

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