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Proofreading Service


Correction of grammar & punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, and logic flow. Every word evaluated individually and in context.


After our editors proofread your writing, it should read like poetry.

  • Academic writing
  • Business writing
  • Creative writing
  • Grammar check
  • Proper spelling and punctuation
  • Proper style

Even if you have produced an extremely creative, interesting or insightful piece of content, spelling and grammatical errors, improper sentence structure and poor punctuation will most likely prevent you from getting your message across. In today's world, good grammar, spelling and punctuation is essential to create first impression of you as of educated and credible person. So, more is it important to get your writing thoroughly checked by professional proofreading service.

With our proofreading service, you will not have to worry about your English grammar or spelling, which will enable you to focus solely on most important, creative and interesting part of putting your ideas into words. Upon request, in addition to correcting mistakes, our editors will review your writing, rewrite some pieces or add new ones to ensure proper structure, logic and clarity of your thoughts. You can specifically request to add the information that you have difficulty in finding or grasping, or have the entire paper rewritten according to some perspective or structure.

There is no fixed fee for our proofreading service. Every request is evaluated individually. Submit request to our editors to get an expert quote regarding your text.

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