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Editing and Revision Service

Editing and Revision Service

Editing of any type of writing - web content, resumѐs, job proposals, essays... Our editors evaluate each and every word individually and in context, replace weak ones or rewrite whole sentences where needed, revise in-text citations and bibliography, research facts.


To reach target audience, whether they are your website visitors, or a potential employer, or a teacher, your writing should read like poetry.

  • Additional research
  • Text rewrite
  • Revision according to teacher's comments
  • Revision of in-text citations and bibliography
  • Proper citation styles
  • Proper formatting

What you get


All our editors are professional academic writers.


Our prices start from $1 per page.


Depending on your need, we will do partial or complete rewrite of provided text, re-research the facts and update the information


Revision of in-text citations and bibliography according to APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian or other academic citation styles.

Whatever purpose you write for, it is important to create impression of you as of a credible and educated author. Not only your content should aim at communicating your information and ideas, it needs to be written like poetry. Grammatical and spelling flaws, poor punctuation and awkward sentence structure will most likely damage your reputation and diminish the effect of your effort. That's where professional editing service comes to help. Leave all worries to our editors.

Our professional editors are ready to turn your writing into poetry by bringing to excellence your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. All you are left to care of is pure creativity. Every word in your text will be evaluated individually and in context, and - if needed - some text chunks will be completely rewritten to better fit the style and structure of your writing. If requested, an editor will check the correctness of facts provided, should you find it difficult to research the information yourself. Missing in-text citations could be added on request as well.

For editing, we accept any type of writing should it be essay or resumѐ, blog post or dissertation.

For editing, there is no fixed pricing. To come up with the price for your specific order, we need to first evaluate the amount and complexity of the job. Submit your request for evaluation now and receive a quote within hours.

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