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How our custom writing service works

Our custom writing process seems very simple and straight-forward for you, but it consists of multi-stage algorithm that ensures high quality of our products. If you're interested how the entire process of custom research writing process, here's the outline of our operations


Ordering process


Ordering process is easy and safe, and takes less than 3 minutes.

To publish your order at our website you will need to complete two basic steps – provide order requirements and make safe payment using your credit card. All payments are processed through a highly secure server which leaves no room for financial information theft.


Fill in order form


In our order form, we require you to fill out fields related to:


  • order identification information, e.g. title and type,
  • final submission deadline,
  • writer’s professional/educational characteristics,
  • text formatting, style and volume,
  • your detailed instructions, expectations, requirements, etc.

We believe that the more details we have about your order and the environment you need your content for, the higher level of quality we’ll be able to provide.

New clients don’t have to register and are able to order anonymously. You are only required to leave any username (johndoe84 will do). Anonymous users have full access to order management features (see below). The difference between registered and anonymous clients is that registered clients are assigned discounts and bonuses based on their ordering history. However, if you only would like to try our service out for the first time, you are welcome to order without any registration.

For our returning clients, we provide the option of picking the writer of your choice from the list of their previous writers. This ensures that your order will be assigned to the person whose writing expertise satisfies your needs.


Make secure payment


Making payments with us is 100% safe. All payments are made outside our website, on a protected server by one of the world’s most powerful payment processors, Paypal, Inc. Your financial information is encrypted and passed over to a secure database using SSL protocol. No third party is able to access your credit card details and other financial information due to high level of financial security implemented by Paypal, Inc.

In the payment process, you will be requested to enter standard financial info such as full name of a card’s owner, credit card number, expiration date, and security (CVV) code. Once the transaction is verified, you will receive an email notification with complete transaction details and reference numbers. If the transaction is successful, your order is automatically published to respective writers at our website, and managers are instantaneously notified about the order status change. At this point, your order is published and awaits writer assignation. If you have previously selected a preferred writer through the order form, the selected writer gets appropriate notification. Of the selected writer does not confirm their readiness to take on your order, it is published to all respective writers within 2-12 hours depending on urgency of your order.

Contact us or Paypal?

Should any issues with ordering procedure arise, our managers are ready to help you anytime. They are specifically trained and have long-term experience serving our customers’ content needs. To reach our support staff, simply send an email using on-site Contact form.

Contact us directly to:

  • make adjustments to your order details,
  • inquire on specific writer’s availability,
  • inquire on specific area of expertise,
  • get updated on order status.

We recommend you to contact our payment processing partner, Paypal Inc., directly to:

  • report transaction failure,
  • request payment support,
  • modify or cancel payment,
  • check payment status.



Add more information


After transaction is complete, your order is published with the details that you previously filled in in the order form. You are allowed to add more details to your order anytime after publication. Feel free to add any, literally ANY information you feel would be useful – books, articles, case studies, samples of writing for your writer to adjust their writing style to, images, diagrams, charts, and so on. All uploads will be made visible to your writer immediately.

You will also be able to comment upon anything regarding your order without any restrictions. You can also use comment functionality to discuss your order with potential writers and select one upon discussion.

Order execution routine

You get all possible tools to manage your order online.

All orders are permanently monitored to make sure that they are assigned to writers with appropriate expertise and that all requests including customer’s comments, draft requests, order status requests, etc. are satisfied in timely manner.


Writer (editor) assignation


We provide flexible writer (editor) selection/assignation options. Our clients are able to either (A) select a writer (editor) from the list of their previous writers (editors) or (B) let our automated system select the ones who best fits client’s requirements.

If you choose your writer during your ordering process, a request to take your order will be sent to them once your order is paid for. The writer (editor) will be asked to confirm their participation within 2-12 hours depending on urgency of the order. If the selected writer (editor) is not available at the moment, a request to accept your order will be sent to other writers (editors) that fit your professional/educational requirements, as if you chose the second method.

If you choose not to define a preferred writer (editor), your order will be automatically published to a group of selected writers (editors) for review. One of them will then take your order for execution.

As soon as your order is taken, you will get an email notification containing writer’s (editor’s) identification information and a short resume of their profile.

Communication with writer (editor)

Our unique multi-functional order management system enables customers to efficiently communicate their requests directly to respective writer. All involved in the communication are notified instantly. All communication is immediately published on an individual order page seen by you the customer, your writer, and a manager.

Communication flows are controlled by authorized managers which ensures that all questions are answered and all requests are fulfilled. If, for some reason, your writer doesn’t reply, feel free to contact our support staff.

To speed up the process, talk to your writer first

Our experienced and friendly support managers are ready to answer all your requests almost clock-round. However, to gain higher efficiency, it is recommended that you first contact your writer. We have developed unique order management system that allows you to access your writer directly on any questions related to your order. In this way, it is possible to settle down 80% of issues related to order implementation without administrative involvement. Nevertheless, if your situation demands administrative involvement, do contact us ASAP.


Order management


In the order page interface, there is a toolbar providing numerous order management operations. Along with direct communication functionality, this gives you full control over order execution process. At different stages of order execution workflow, you will be able to use various order management operations:


  • Add, modify, or delete comments
  • Request a draft within fixed timeframe
  • Request revision within fixed timeframe
  • Upload a file of any type
  • Check paper status
  • Close order
  • Re-open order
  • Allow, modify or deny deadline extension, if requested by writer
  • Download completed order


Quality control

Our company employs knowledgeable and friendly managers whose task is to monitor work flow and guarantee expected level of quality.

Any of the two writer (editor) selection methods described above are designed to increase the level of our writing by filtering out potentially weak service providers. By selecting a preferred writer from the list of previous writers who wrote for you, you sift out inadequate writers yourself; by ignoring this option you delegate this task to our automated system that takes into account more than 10 parameters in writer selection algorithm.

Our order management system is developed to reinforce quality improvement effort by allowing our customers fullest control over order implementation at every stage. At our website, we offer possibilities for our clients to request unlimited scheduled drafts and revisions from writer.

Another way to improve ultimate quality of all produced texts at Personal Writer is stage-by-stage checkups by trained quality managers. All outgoing files (drafts, completed orders, revisions) are checked for the purpose of correspondence to appropriate requirements. If a file doesn’t meet requirements, a quality manager is authorized to return it for revision.

Draft request functionality is provided in order for the client to control the progress of order implementation. Our clients are authorized to request unlimited drafts from a writer by a given date. This approach to client-side order management is specifically useful for large orders as it allows the client to ensure that the work on their order has been started and that the order has been written gradually, part by part. Also, this enables a client to review the results part-by-part (or submit to a controlling third party for review), and to request revision, if necessary.

Revision requests are allowed at any stage of order execution process after first submission of results to the client. Revisions are unlimited in number and frequency, as long as revision requirements don’t conflict with the initial order requirements. Anyone can request a revision with just a click of a mouse.

Draft and revision request options, especially if used concurrently, elevate the ultimate quality level and empower our writers to demonstrate their best skills.

Writer (editor) support is another measure that our company undertakes in order to improve performance and gain higher qualitative characteristics. At our website, there is an opportunity to share resources between writers. Thus, we’ve collected a fare amount of rare and valuable ebooks, presentations, and what not.

If requested by a reputable writer, our company purchases subscriptions to major online libraries such as Questia, EBSCO, Harvard Business Online, etc.

If a client is not satisfied with their writer, either automatically assigned or selcted by a client himself, the can request different writer or editor. Writer (editor) re-assignation is made ASAP and is 99.9% smooth due to large amount of writers (editors) willing to take upon the job. There are, however, cases when re-assignation takes time or impossible. Although extremely rarely, this occurs as a result of abruptness of service demand peaks when all respective writers or editors are busy with their own orders. To prevent such cases, we keep improving our client safety & quality assurance algorithms.

To eliminate any remaining flaws, we highly recommend our customers to carefully review the completed order after it has finally been submitted to them. All finalized orders remain active within 10 days since last submission to allow clients to closely examine the result of our work and to request revision if needed. If no requests are filed within 10 days after the order has been delivered, it is closed and the writer or editor is paid for their job. Client-side checkup enforcement guarantees absolute fulfillment of order requirements leaving the ultimate quality of the work done undisputed.


In our order execution process, we keep to a multi-layered timeline that includes multiple types of deadlines throughout the process – draft submission deadline, order submission deadline, pre-submission checkup deadline, post-submission checkup deadline and your order deadline. This leaves everyone on the safe side avoiding late submissions. So, technically, we reserve some amount of time for manager-side pre-submission checkups, and some amount of time for writer-side submission to secure timely execution.

Despite all measures, we highly recommend you to set your order deadline at least 12 hours ahead of your actual deadline to allow time for revisions or adjustments.

Also, there are deadline modifiers for writers and editors depending on their reputation with our company. If a writer (editor) is new to the company, we won’t let them take serious orders or orders from high profile clients. On the other hand, we ensure that your order gets reviewed by the best writers or editors first, and only then gets to less experienced writers (editors) should none of the former take it.


After you have received your order


After your order is delivered, you are able to request unlimited free revisions and to reopen it at any time.

Should any issues arise, contact us immediately through on-site contact form. Our well-trained, friendly support staff is ready to help you almost clock-round.

For refunds & cancellations policy, see our Customer Agreement.  

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