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Academic Essay Writing Service

Academic Essay Writing

We write 30+ types of essays for high school and college students.


Procrastinations are over, now we have to worry about your deadlines and grades. You have found the untimate custom essay writing service. All essays are custom-written in 100% accordance to your requirements, reviewed and checked for plagiarism by editors, and submitted to you on time. All you need to do is to read the essay and hand it over to your prof.

  • Five paragraph essay
  • Analytical essay
  • Argumentative essay
  • Compare and contrast essay
  • Current events essay
  • Reaction essay
  • Opinion essay
  • Book review
  • Critical essay
  • Position essay
  • Pros/cons essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • and many other types!

What you get with our custom essay writing service


Times New Roman, 12pt, double-spaced, 1 inch margins. 300 words per page.


Our prices start from $12.80 per page.


MLA, APA, HArvard, Turabian, Chicago formatted, valid in-text citations with page numbers


Title page, Abstract, Works Cited (Reference) page, and Table of contents

Our academic writing service guarantees



All our papers are written from scratch according to your instructions. We adhere to 0% plagiarism policy.


Our writers are experts in custom writing. We will return your money if your paper does not meet quality standards.


You will get your paper before the deadline.


We will revise your paper as many times as necessary to get you fully satisfied with the result.

What we offer: custom essay writing service


We offer you a custom essay writing service completed by experts with a guarantee of 100% originality and high quality. Our writers with expertise on particular subject field will conduct personalized research on your subject matter and will write a completely authentic essay according to academic standards. Our writers are experts in variety of essay types, including: analytical essay, argumentative essay, cause and effect essay, persuasive essay, expository essay, critical essay, informal essay, compare and contrast essay, pros/cons essay, five paragraph essay, position essay, response essay, admissions essay, deductive essay, definition essay, evaluation essay, exploratory essay, current events essay, interpretive essay, reaction essay, feedback essay, summary essay, and many, many others.

Just leave us a message describing your writing task, and we’ll find you a writer who has done similar tasks dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

Who we are


We’re a small team of highly qualified writers whose main aspiration is creating high quality, thoroughly researched, beautifully worded and properly cited essays. Our writers possess expertise both in their subject fields and in academic writing. They know all the little details of academic research, thesis statement construction, paragraph development, appropriate concluding, referencing and formatting. Our writer team consists of rare species of homo sapiens sapiens with exceptional skill set: intelligence, creativity, deep reasoning and analysis, fast learning abilities, literary and academic writing excellence, proficiency in Excel, PowerPoint and other applications, flexibility, ability to write fast and well, passion for learning and writing!


How it works

1. Post your academic essay writing order here.

Fill in as much fields as possible, giving us details on your essay title, subject, deadline, volume, particular assignment details. You can send us a sample of your own writing so that our writer could try to match it. You’re also encouraged to send us any writing materials that writers might find useful in completing your essay. These include grading rubric, your textbook chapter scan or pdf, particular articles on your topic, lecture notes, links to the website that your teacher recommends to use, doc, pdf, ppt and excel files with computations, previous assignments, etc. Please note that you will be able to upload these additional materials right on your project page AFTER you complete your payment process. Alternatively, you can always email our support rep here and they will forward the materials to your writer.

2. Complete secure payment procedure using Paypal or Payza.

Please note that neither support reps nor your writer has any information on your personal financial information like credit cards or bank accounts. All this info is held confidential by payment processors like Paypal, ensuring your peace of mind and security.

3. Meet your writer.

After your payment is complete, you can now access your personal project page to upload any additional information that might be helpful, see status updates on your order, and communicate with your writer. Once the writer is assigned to your order (and we will assign the one who has appropriate expertise for your academic essay), you will be informed on their name and will be able to chat with them on your project page. You can request drafts, send messages, upload materials, request revisions, review your paper, ask your writer questions - all in one place.

4. Get your custom written essay.

When your college essay is ready, you will receive notification on delivery to your email. Download your essay on your project page, check it, read it, and leave your feedback! If you need, you can request revisions until you feel your essay is perfect.

Your Personal Writer Quality Guarantees:

100% originality

All papers are written from scratch and are completely plagiarism-free.

High quality custom work

Our writer starts to write a paper after you place your order, in accordance to your requirements. You can ask your writer for drafts to see your paper taking shape from sketch to outline, to draft, to complete product. You have all the necessary tools to participate in creative and research process, change sections, put in your propositions and requests.

Your order delivered on time

Our writers are trained in speed research and writing without any quality compromises. Your order is most likely to get into hands of a writer who has written hundreds of similar papers and has deep knowledge on the subject. Such writer can deliver quality work quickly. Still, you need to be aware of physical limitations: even the best writer cannot write faster than 2 pages per hour. Please, take that into account to set realistic deadlines for your writers. We can deliver 2 pages paper in 1 hour, but not a 10-page one. Beware of companies that claim they can deliver 10-page paper in 2 hours: those papers will not be original.

Unlimited free revisions

You can request as many revisions as it takes for you to be completely satisfied with the end result. Please, note, however, that free revision guarantee does not cover revision requests for new instructions. We will revise your papers for free if you think your original order instructions have not been completely met. If you come up with entirely new instructions, additional fee may be applied.

Professional academic writers

For over 10 ears, we have been a small private custom writing company for one reason: we value quality much over quantity. During this time, thousands of potential writers have undergone application process and only those possessing solid subject expertise, excellent research skills and impeccable English writing, have been selected. Most of our writers are native English speakers. But we do employ ESL writers with incredible subject expertise. These writers can be top experts in their industry fields with education from best world’s educational establishments and will be employed to write papers for ESL students.

Friendly and helpful support

Our customer care representatives have been trained to address your inquiries quickly and efficiently. Just contact with any question to see how friendly and professional our support is!

Correct formatting in accordance with latest guidelines

APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Turabian. Do you know that 10-15% of paper worth is assigned to correct formatting according to a particular style? You can have the most brilliant paper, but if you don’t know how to format it according to Harvard or MLA, you lose a lot of precious points! But don’t worry, our writers have been trained in all the subtlest details of these formatting styles! You can be confident that your paper will be formatted well.

Safety and confidentiality

We guarantee your safety while making your order, and complete confidentiality of your personal details and order history. Neither site administrators, nor support representatives have access to your financial information. You pay securely via Paypal and this processing system keeps your credit card or bank information secure and private. We don’t disclose details of your orders and don’t post any part of the text from your papers online. We never reuse papers completed for previous clients. All the samples that you see on our website are papers that have been refunded and were not used by clients. The guarantee of confidentiality is what keeps us in business and you can be sure that we preserve it religiously.


The challenges of academic essay writing


Academic essay is a tool used by educational institutions to evaluate your skills and knowledge you are intended to acquire during your course. However, more often that not, your grade is affected by your writing skills that in most cases don't have anything in common with the subject of the course. As a result, your grade for the course is lower than expected simply because you're not a natural born writer.

We believe that essay writing is not the best method to evaluate your knowledge and skills in any given field. Writing is a formality. Students are able to prove acquired skills in ways other than by formal academic writing. Modern education provides plenty of creative methods to precisely evaluate students - interactive simulations, debates, role playing, presentations, in-class activities to name a few. Sadly enough, formal writing remains the most popular evaluation method.

If you don't find yourself in any of the abovementioned descriptions, then, probably, whole educational process is a formality for you. And that in no way is bad. We fully understand our customers who are 30+, have kids and wish to get a better job, who simply don't have time to write essays. These guys deserve some support and we are able to provide it. For some of our customers essay writing takes time which they don't have.

Finally, our essay writing assistance could be a complement to the student's course. Think of an essay specifically researched and written for you as of an alternative educational tool. To save time on research and/or writing, simply order an essay from us. You'll then be able to rewrite it partially or fully prior to submission. Having rewritten it yourself, you gain same learning effect!


When your hands are full

We understand complexities of modern world. Very often, even the best students need custom essay writing help as they find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of academic tasks: deadlines, quizzes, exams, oral presentations, projects, teamwork, conferences, and, of course, essays. When things start piling up and you lose sight of your priorities, we cover your back on most urgent or most tedious tasks to keep you focused on your priorities.

Don’t panic

You don’t have to tear yourself between exam preparation and essay writing. Get ready for your exams why we take care of academic essay writing.

Our custom essay writing service helps you keep your priorities and do what’s most important for you, not what’s most urgent.
For many clients Personal Writer serves like a virtual personal assistant, doing research, writing reports, papers and essays, completing quizzes, maintaining academic forum activity - to give them time to complete deep work on their research projects, exams, favorite subject immersion, or maybe family meeting.

Art of balance

Isn’t it ironic that the time of our life when we have to devote the most time to concentrated study is also a time when we have most energy, inspiration, social activities, discoveries, self-search. The time in college is most romantic and carefree part of your life. You want to deepen your expertise and study, but you also need to discover yourself, get to know people, allow time for travel, love and romance, friends and souls-searching.
In college, we’re not children anymore, but we’re not yet adults burdened with responsibilities of job, family, property loans, insurance payments, credit card debts and million other fun things to come. This is a time in your life when you have maximum freedom, fun, independence and consciousness (at least more than before), highest energy, best health (yet), and best opportunities to understand what’s most important.

Now, your task is to learn a delicate art of finding balance: use this time to learn, deepen your knowledge and expertise, without getting buried under piles of books and lists of essay writing tasks. You cannot excel in school and develop as a person - in terms of social connection, romantic relations, quality leisure time and opportunity for exploration and travel - without learning to delegate. Delegation of energy-sucking tasks is what will free your time for focused learning, rich social life and quality self-exploration. The art of delegation and smart outsourcing lies behind the most economically successful countries, companies and people. From Robert Kiyosaki to Tim Ferris, the prophets of delegation have proven that learning to outsource mundane or less important tasks can be one of the most important skills you can acquire in life. Personal Writer offers you first smart delegation lesson: reassign the most boring or tedious tasks to us to use your free time to attend to your favorite lectures, dive into research, pay your grandma a visit or spend quality time with your significant other. Use this time to learn and to grow as a person. And we will cover your back. Just try us once and you will see that hiring a Personal Writer to deal with your academic essay writing tasks was one of the best ideas you ever had.

Our prices start from $12.80 per page

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