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The Seminoles Today - Research Paper

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History of Seminole Indians

Seminoles are Indian tribe currently living in Florida, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Seminole Indians developed from the Creek Confederation of tribes in early 18th century and settled in Florida, at that time occupied by Spanish settlers. The tribe was joined by a number of other refugee Native Americans and black slaves. In Florida, Seminoles neighbored with Indian tribes speaking Mikasuki language and subsequently blended into one Indian people, named “Seminoles” which means “runaways”.

The Native Americans Today - Research Paper

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North America was inhabited by many various Indian groups. Each group was distinct with its own language and customs. Several Indian groups often shared a single culture, the same worldview, language, religion, food, clothes and architecture of buildings. The cultural groups of Indian people depended on the same natural resources and used them in a similar way. For instance, the Plains Indians, constituting distinct cultural group, lived in the area of Great Plains.

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