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Food in the Air - Research Paper

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In this assignment I, as the author, am assumed to be the CEO of a leading airline carrier, Green Jet. It is apparent that the company needs to cut customer service costs in order to retain its position in the industry. However, there is a threat of damaging company’s corporate image, which implies dramatic reduction of company’s popularity among its customers.

In this paper I, as the CEO of Green Jet, am encouraged to provide the hypothesis as to the food service costs reduction strategy.

The Crusades - Research paper

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The Crusades, like so much of the modern conflict, were not wholly rational movements that could be explained away by purely economic or territorial ambition or by the clash of rights and interests. They were fueled, on all sides, by myths and passions that were far more effective in getting people to act than any purely political motivation. The medieval holy wars in the Middle East could not be solved by rational treatises or neat territorial solutions.

Clark Manor Nursing Home Analysis - Research Paper

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Executive Summary

The notion of service products directly relates to the service economy, which suffered noticeable economic developments recently. Among these developments are increased role of the service sector in industrialized economies and increased percentage of GDP for the last twenty years. It is worth noting that most companies having leading positions in the world economy are service companies. One example of a service company is IBM, which eventually sees itself as a company offering business solutions rather than the company offering hardware.

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