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literary response

Write a Literature Review Like a Consummate Writer Does

You are tasked to do a literature review. You immediately grab that favorite novel of yours, thumbed through it, and gave your verdict “thumbs up”. You heaved a sigh of relief since you know you have done your task well. But wait… You’ve got the wrong literature review in your mind. The ‘literature’ in literature review is the amalgamation of any materials or resources on a certain topic from pamphlets to books to articles to periodicals and so on. Your readers also would not care whether it’s a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ for you.

Literary Essay Writing: Break Down and Analyze

The basic idea behind a literary essay is the breaking down and analyzing of a literary work. It is important for you to look critically at the work that has been chosen (or provided) and take a position that can be supported with evidence in the text. A literary essay is not a book report and often plot is only used to begin the essay or to quickly explicate a point. Focus on other elements like theme and personification. A literary essay is about giving and defending your opinion about something that was read.