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How it works

Take an order, Complete it, and Get paid. That's it!

1 Take an order. Order is an academic assignment submitted and paid for by a real customer. Orders are ranged by subject, assignment type, urgency, required education and expertise level, and cost per page. There will always be one that best suits your needs and skills. Our rates start at $6.00 a page (250 words) and reach up to $27.30 for a single page.

2Complete your order. Each order contains detailed instructions as to its content, list of requirements, and other supportive data. Your task is to submit back a written assignment that fully corresponds to order requirements. If anything missed, you’ll be asked to revise your work. Don’t plagiarize and don’t miss your deadline. Don’t hesitate to ask whenever you’ll need help from our specifically trained site coordinators -- they work extended hours. All our writers get access to libraries and knowledge bases in all fields of expertise as well as to our own Resource Center stuffed with rare and/or paid books and other media. Finally, we will only bother you within contact hours specified by you.

3 Get paid. Twice a month, you’ll be getting money for previously completed orders. If you’re a newbie, you’ll get rewarded after your second order is finished. You’ll be able to track any order that you will have done through our detailed financial reports. Either you want to just make money or build your writing career, working with us is as easy as 1-2-3! To start getting orders from Writers United, you only need to request invitation and then fill in Application form.

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