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Job Requirements

By joining our company as freelance writer, you take responsibility to deliver quality assignments, to be in permanent reach during your contact hours for our site coordinators, and to follow company policies in accordance to Writer Agreement.


Quality is what differs Writers United from other writing service suppliers. In general, our Quality policy states that all writers at Writers United are eligible to take assignments that fully correspond to their expertise, education, writing skills, and language; and to produce original content.

Expertise. Your education and expertise levels should fully correspond to those required by customer.

Every assignment description has two fields that define required academic level of writer and his or her expertise depth. If a customer requires that the writer who takes his order should have at least Master level, it must be so. Academic level classification used at WU is as follows:

  • High School
  • Professional
  • Associate (AA or AS)
  • Bachelor (BA or BS)
  • Master (MA or MS)
  • Doctor (PhD)


Required expertise depth is broken down into 3 levels: Low, Medium, and High. For instance, first year Bachelor students are expected to require Low expertise level while final year Bachelors will likely claim for High expertise. You are expected to take only those orders that correspond to your expertise and education levels.

With your application form, you’ll be asked to submit one sample of your writing. Consider attaching the excerpt that best reflects your academic level and expertise.

Writing skills. Your grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, and style must meet requirements of all assignments you will be taking. If not stated otherwise by customer, there must be no violations of grammar, punctuation, and academic style. Your vocabulary must demonstrate high expertise in required field. If the customer asks to tune your writing to his/her skills, you should be able to do so.

Plagiarism. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. If you’re really expert in what you write about, then there shouldn’t be any copy-pasting and/or stealing someone’s ideas.

Writers caught plagiarizing by site coordinators will be penalized financially. If plagiarism is detected outside Writers United, the writer who plagiarized will be subject to severe administrative actions.

Language. Your language level must be as required by customer. Default language is native American English. If your assignment requires different language options that American English (British English, ESL, use of non-academic tone), you should be able to attend to required style.

Access to the Web

You are expected to have stable Internet connection since our work requires permanent dialogue between you, your customer, and your coordinator. You are not required to be online clock-round though. We will only be able to contact you within your contact hours, if specified.

Agreement to the Rules

Finally, every applicant must carefully read Writer Agreement before requesting his or her invitation. Agreement to the Rules is essential for our further collaboration. Unlike other companies, we have developed quite liberal rules. Should you have questions rearding the Agreement, do contact us.

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