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Book report writing tips

The challenge of writing a book report is to be able to review and evaluate all the vital contents of the book within a limited number of words. The resulting work, which could be an assigned college essay, should be presentable and worth spending time on. Here are some tips when you write a report like this.

  • As you read through, take down notes on important facts, quotes, and interesting ideas. You can jot these notes down or make some marks in the book.
  • When it’s time to proceed with the book report, place your notes on your side and the book on the other. These two should be easily accessible when you begin to write the report.
  • As you continue writing, ask yourself what you found most interesting about the book. In your opinion, what was the inspiration of the author in making the book?
  • Review your notes and make an assessment of how long your book report would be based on the relevant information you would include and those you would ignore.
  • Make an outline of the major points in the book. This will help you make a clearer flow of discussion.
  • Your college report should deliver the main idea of the book with concrete facts and data to back it up.
  • Make a summary of how significant you think the book’s message is.
  • You should reread your work time and again. Make the necessary revisions.
  • Remember not to submit an unchecked work. Always check for grammar errors, spelling glitches, etc.

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