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The pressures on students nowadays are too high. You not only have to pay for your own education, but you also have to ensure that you pass with distinctions so that you don't spend money twice writing the same exam or text again. Hence, custom essay writing service saves students both time and frustration.

Today, there are so many essay writing services due to the high demand for this service. However, it is important that you note that not all these services deliver high-quality work. There are some criteria you must use when you want to hire an essay writing company for your essay otherwise you could handing in your assignment late or worse, end up with a poor grade.

Many students wonder if they need custom essay writing service; the answer to this depends on the capabilities of the individual. The truth is that writing a custom paper takes time and skill. Most reputable essay writing companies have freelance writers who have vast experience in essay writing. These experts can help you:

Do research
Write the whole essay if you can't
• Provide help in writing a portion of your paper when you are stuck
• Provide thesis help
• Make sure your work followed the required formatting, include citations and references
• Proofread and edit your finished work

Custom essay writing services can provide you with lots of help. But first, you must ensure you select the right, trusted and reliable company for your work. Below, we will give you some criteria on how to choose a reliable essay writing service.

How To Choose A Quality Custom Essay Writing Service

As a student, money may be a little bit tight but that's no excuse to choose a service that you will end up paying more because they don't deliver on time or they mess up your work. Don't look for the cheapest service when you are looking for a custom essay writing service. In most cases, sites that offer the cheapest service within an hour end up providing you with plagiarized content. You should stay away from such services.

Come to think of it; producing an essay is not that easy; it requires time and efforts otherwise you would have done it yourself. You will need to find a reliable service that charges a decent amount of money and deliver in a reasonable time. What this means is that quality must be your first priority above everything else when you are looking for essay writing service.

Many schools use different writing styles. It is very important that you hire a custom essay writing service that can deliver any style of essay. The writing service you should hire must be able to handle the following types of essays:

• 5-Paragraph
College Application
Compare and Contrast
Cause and Effect
• Comparison
• Exploratory

The above are some of the essay writing styles your service must be conversant with. Above all, they should be able to write your own specific writing style. The writer needs to know the course material that is being used for that subject so he can refer to this material when producing your essay. Before choosing an essay writing service, ask them if they can write your own essay style, you may have to submit a previous work to them.

Some companies don't communicate with their clients once the client puts in his order. This is totally unacceptable.
You need a company that stays in constant communication with you throughout the duration of doing your work. The perfect way is to find a service that has live chat or instant messaging that allows you to communicate faster. 

One of the mistakes you must avoid is putting something as important as your education in a stranger's hand without knowing what is going on with your assignment. Ensure that the company you choose has good customer service that can answer your messages any time, any day. You need to avoid one-man service because if he gets sick or has a family emergency, your work will suffer for it.

Without a doubt, you need to read their reviews and ratings to know the opinion of others about the service. We recommend you avoid services that do not have any good rating even if they offer the cheapest services. Read the reviews on their sites and on external sites, then ask others if they have used the service before and their experience about them.

In some cases, your work will not turn out exactly the way you want it the first time. The essay writing service you must hire should be able to offer you at least one free revision. Hence, read the company's revision policy before you hire them. Remember the company is working for you and you are paying them for the writing service, they should be able to give you their best work which includes revisions at no extra charge.

  • Don't Look For Cheap Services
  • Can They Deliver Your Required Essay Writing Style
  • Do They Have an Open Line of Communication?
  • Good Customer Service -24/7
  • What are Others Saying About Them?
  • Do they Offer Free Revisions?


Essay writing services can help you get a good grade in school when you choose a good company to write your essay for you. When you want to choose a company, ask your friends to recommend one for you. You can as well do research on your own to find a good and reliable essay writing company by reading reviews on review sites and also by checking out the websites of writing services.

And should you require an essay writing service, keep in mind that has been on the market of custom essay writing for 14 years and has acquired a reputation of reliable and quality service. 

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