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We all know these situations when you are burned out at school: too many classes to prepare for, too many exams, and then this stupid paper that is due tomorrow. You just have neither time nor desire to take care of it. It’s your least favorite subject and you know that this subject is just a filler, you will not need this knowledge in your profession. You decided to focus your efforts on subjects that really matter to your future and really interest you, you decided to prioritize. 

So will you just skip the paper? That may cause unnecessary complications with your school as this will impact your overall grade. So the best solution in this situation is to delegate this boring and routine task to people who make their living taking care of such tasks. Get yourself your Personal Writer, a custom writing company that will write a paper for you. 

But even if you chose a good custom writing company that has 90% client satisfaction rate as ourselves, there are still some things you can do to be totally sure that your paper will get a good grade. 

1. Provide proper instructions for your paper

First and foremost, you need to provide us with good, full and clear instructions on what we need to do. If you send us incomplete or confusing requirements, our writer will do their best to produce a good paper for you, but there will still be a chance that your teacher will not like it because it’s not exactly what he wanted. Our writer needs to know what exactly your teacher expects to see in the paper. 

Think about this. Your personal writer is a writing machine, but not a clairvoyant. They do not know what textbook you use, they have no idea about the word limit, the exact topic, the research question, the requested structure, or previous material discussed in the class the paper should build on. We cannot know any of this information unless you provide it to us. You need to take care of it. Because many papers are quite simple and don’t heavily rely on stuff that you previously worked on in your class, clients can just give us research question and we will write based on that. But if your teacher has more expectations beyond just topic and research question, you need to communicate that to us, otherwise we will work our butts off and your teacher won’t be happy because the format should have been not a research paper but report, or important reference is missing, or something of sorts. 

So you need to absolutely make sure that you send us everything there is regarding your paper. You can use this checklist to make sure you did not miss anything important:

  • Did you provide the exact topic of the paper?
  • Did you provide the research question? That is, is there a specific problem or question that we should research and present our findings/solution/position?
  • Should the paper have a definite format? Are there any pre-defined sections that your teacher expects to see?
  • Is there marking criteria of grading rubric provided? 
  • Does your teacher want you to incorporate specific references in the paper?
  • Are there any study notes or material on your subject that can help your writer understand the context of this paper within your course?
  • What textbook do you use? 
  • For reflection papers on controversial topics - what is your personal position on the discussed issue?

If you checked at least half of these questions, your conscious can be clean. You provided us with enough info to do a good job.

And yet, it’s not finished. Sometimes you might get a paper and see that the writer missed something, or sometimes you might notice that his style of writing is a bit different from yours (which can be noticed by your teacher). Therefore, the tip number 2 is..

2. Read and review your paper. 

When you received your paper from us - do not be lazy. Just open it and make sure that it’s your paper (sometimes funny stuff happens), it’s on your topic, and it contains the info that you expected to see there. Read the paper also to make sure that there is no outstanding difference between your writing style and the one of your writer (although formal language does not allow much of a stylization, do it anyway). Also just check if it’s the usual way you format your paper in your school. Put your name where it should be. 

You’re almost done. One more thing. Sometimes teacher’s are so impressed with your paper that they cannot believe that it’s you who did it. And that might mean that...

3. Read the paper once again.

Just to be able to answer your teacher’s questions in case they suspect that you bought this paper somewhere. Just make sure you understand what is written there and can retell the main points more or less. Also, look through the list of references and see if you can locate and retrieve some of the sources in case you will be questioned about your work with the sources. 

Once you have done these three steps, you can hand your paper in pretty confidently. You delegated boring or urgent stuff, and yet you delegated it responsibly, making sure that you put a good effort in attaining a good result. Don’t forget that you always can contact us if you have any questions. We’re happy to chat.


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