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Considered the most basic format to writing an essay, many beginning writers are taught the five paragraph essay in order to establish the foundation for later writing. A five paragraph essay has a very specific format and allows a writer to quickly and efficiently focus their ideas in a coherent manner. Unlike many other types of essays, the format to such an essay is straightforward and simple. The essay consists of five paragraphs: an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The thesis of the essay is traditionally found as the last sentence in the introduction paragraph. Commonly, the thesis has three points, each of which is covered by one of the following body paragraphs.

As is essential to any type of writing, there is a certain degree of preparation that is necessary in order to write an effective five paragraph essay. Picking a topic for this type of an essay is as boundless as your desire. The five paragraph essay is basic enough to address the needs of almost any topic that the writer wishes to address. Creating an outline for such an essay is also a very easy step as the writer knows at the outset that the structure will follow the tradition five paragraphs. The format of a Five Paragraph Essay must closely follow the given structure of an introductory paragraph (including a thesis), three body paragraphs and a conclusion. As with any exercise in writing, it is important for the writer to back up claims with evidence from credible sources. It is also important to not only write with correct grammar and spelling, but also to proofread and edit for content of material that has already been written.

  • Presents topic
  • Narrows topic to specifics of essay
  • Thesis statement

  • Each topic sentence relates directly back to the thesis
  • Each paragraph presents argument supporting topic sentence

  • Restates evidence
  • Restates thesis

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