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Essay writing is an indispensible requirement if you are a student. Sometimes, you may be required to write a critical essay.
Critical essay writing means a careful analysis of the subject matter you are writing on. Critical essay involves a serious scrutiny of something. Usually, the topic being criticized is an ongoing social issue. It may also be a policy, remark, decision or a law that has been made an important authority in business, politics, etc. Before any individual could write a critical essay, there must be a sufficient knowledge on the subject matter he or she is to write on. This is important to enable the writer make sensible criticisms.

In a critical essay writing, it is strongly advised to give the readers a brief background of the issue being tackled so the readers may be in a more or less the same footing as the writer. The manner by which criticisms are delivered should not be offensive. Otherwise, it subjects the written piece to a serious fallacy called the red herring fallacy where counterarguments are improperly made by attacking the person or organization instead of attacking the argument itself. Red herring can be committed when disparaging remarks are made and when explicitly destroying the other person’s credibility by attacking his personal life. Obviously, personal limitations do not bear much weight on coming up with certain decisions so it is better to focus on the direct negativities of whatever it is that you are attacking.

When wiring a critical essay, remember to be critical but not biased. Do not make remarks in view of your own personal interests as this would not successfully provide a good counterargument towards the position you are criticizing.


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