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An evaluation essay is very similar to a few other essay types. In fact, in many cases, an evaluation essay is so close in style and content that they are indistinguishable from an argumentative or analytical essay. Or descriptive essay. However, an evaluation essay is different in the sense that the writer is not simply presenting information or relaying the information of other articles or research, but rather the writer is presenting their own logical thought process about a topic or idea. The writer often begins the process of writing with no specific opinion in mind and then develops an opinion through the course of writing. The author will examine, in a logical manner, as many aspects as are necessary and then come to their own opinions on the topic.

One of the beginning strategies that will lead to an effective evaluation essay is to list the pro’s and con’s of the issue before even starting to write. This will help the author to organize various aspects of the essay and will make it easier to stay focused throughout the process of writing. Making a list like this will also help the writer to determine exactly what they think about a given issue and put in order the reasons why they think that way. Once a list like this is developed, the writer can begin to formulate a judgment and support that judgment with details. Once the writer begins to formulate the actual writing of the evaluation essay, it is important to present both sides of an issue with equal neutrality. Keep emotions out of this type of writing as it will only chip away at the credibility of the author. It is possible, however, through language usage to favor either the positive or negative side of a topic. This purpose of this type of essay, after all, is to present a logical progression of the writer’s opinions through evidence and systematic thought.

  1. Present necessary background information on the topic
  2. Display thesis that establishes a logical progression of thoughts

  1. Each paragraph should address a specific aspect of the topic and provide specific evidence
  2. Limit each paragraph and maintain focus by providing supporting facts
  3. Use transition language to show logical progression

  1. Highlight key points
  2. Present logical conclusion of the writer (if necessary)

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