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Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is a type of essay that discusses your feelings, experiences or views concerning a particular subject. The aim of a reflective essay is not only to describe your experience but to draw conclusions from it that may be applicable for the readers.

In this type of essay, you are not required to conduct extensive research of literature on a particular topic, the focus is your own experience and reflections, not someone else's. However, you can surely have some references in your paper as you may find that some people or works have influenced your opinion. If you include references in your paper, make sure they are properly formatted.

Reflective essays are a very important part of your learning process, as they provide the chance to express your own ideas and view on a particular topic. You may be assigned a reflective essay after taking some courses, visiting some place, completing a project, or participating in any other outstanding experiences. Reflective essays are very often required for college applications and may focus on a topic about your personality shaping experience or person that significantly influenced your life. When you prepare for a reflective essay, be sure to do all previous preparations, research the topic (if you need references), or just take time to reflect n your attitudes concerning the topic.

The structure of a reflective essay is pretty simple and corresponds to classic essay structure requirements, with an introduction containing thesis statement where you put your ideas or conclusions regarding the topic, paper body where you explain and elaborate your ideas, and conclusion, where you restate your thesis and demonstrate how your personal experiences and conclusions can be helpful to other people.

Sometimes well-written reflective essay can be decisive for your career, like the one written for college applications. If you're not very experienced in this type of writing or need some professional help, contact our writers and they will help you with your assignment.



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