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A cause and effect paper is one that starts with a significant event or action and then traces the effects of this action on interested parties.

See title page layout template.

Maximum 150 words, single-spaced describing the action and end result

The introductory paragraph of this paper has to identify both the action examined and the scope of the looked for results and expectations. If we use the Capote example from before, a cause and effect paper on the issue would have a thesis such as "Capote's flamboyant lifestyle undermined the credibility of his journalistic book, In Cold Blood." The paragraph would also include the fact that this was credibility in the eyes of critics in the field of literature and journalism. Introduction in a cause and effect paper usually consists of:

  • A possible opening sentence
  • Action described
  • Results of the action enumerated

The subsequent paragraphs would each deal with a successive step in the process from start to finish. So the first paragraph in this example would describe Capote's lifestyle, then the second one might dwell on what critics have said about his book; the third paragraph could dwell on the need for journalistic credibility and the fourth paragraph might show examples in Capote's book where his personal bias was evident in his prose. As in other essay formats the main body paragraphs would all have a topic sentence, supporting statements and a transition sentence, but the linear flow of the information is more important in this type of paper in comparison to others. The main body of your cause and effect paper should contain:

  • A possible group of paragraphs providing background information
  • One or more paragraphs discussing the action in details
  • Paragraphs discussing effects of the action enumerated in the introduction; one effect per one paragraph.

The final paragraph of the paper will summarize the progression of information presented in the paper towards the logical conclusion ("Local authorities should develop strategies to prevent tsunamis in future." or "This has had positive effect on the country's agriculture.") formed by the writer. A good conclusion in a cause and effect paper will contain:

  • A short summary
  • A logical conclusion.


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