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The Internet is a global marketplace. If approached properly, your website is capable of not only claiming your presence on the World Wide Web but selling your products at tremendous rates both locally and overseas.

In order for your website to become a powerful outlet for your products, you’ll need web content that is informative, navigational and commercial. In other words, you need website content that, apart from providing descriptions to products, drives web surfers to your website, grabs users’ attention, creates interest, addresses potential buyers’ concerns, answers questions, and – finally – sells the product.

For your website to be effective at every stage of buying routine, you'll need:

  • Landing pages
  • Articles and blog posts
  • Sales copies with comprehensive product description
  • Answers to commonly asked (or to be potentially asked) questions about products, services, company, etc.
  • Company presentation ("About" section)

Landing pages

Landing pages are designed to get traffic to your website from the outer web. They are traditionally optimized for specific keywords that your potential buyers would search for. Before writing landing pages, we’ll need to conduct semantic research. We’ll analyze your industry, similar or related products, competitors’ promotional strategies, etc. The outcome would be a document containing 10 highest-traffic lowest competition keywords for your website optimization.

This is especially important if you are launching a completely new, zero-searched-for product. New unbranded products get no traffic at all if they are marketed in a traditional, non-semantic way.

We’ll come up with the most advantageous approach to organic traffic generation for you. For instance, keywords «swimming pools water systems» and «swimming pool water systems» are absolutely similar at first sight. However, if we look at traffic/competition data, we’ll find out that for «swimming pools water systems» competition is 150% times higher compared to the other keyword while search volume is only 10% lower.

Strange it may sound though, we strongly recommend to pay most attention to this type of content. Ten items are the amount to start from; as usual – the more, the better.

We provide semantic research for FREE.

Articles and blog posts

Articles and blog posts are the second most important type of content for your website. These are capable of driving traffic (read potential buyers) all year round. They supplement landing pages by targeting users through implicit product placement. Articles and blog posts could be used both on-site and off-site. Using these types of content off-site adds up to the website’s online reputation.

The optimal volume for one article is around 300 words. Updating website with fresh content at the rate of 20 new items per month, distributed evenly, is highly recommended. The higher the update rate, the lesser the budget for other online promo activities.

Sales copies with comprehensive product description

Traditionally, you’ll need a good sales copy for every product. Optimal volume is 1,000 words for a low budget. The more, the better though.


Answers to commonly asked (or to be potentially asked) questions about products, services, company, etc. Informational content, such as FAQ or product reviews (reviews not applicable for new unbranded products), largely reinforces user-to-buyer conversion by promptly addressing user’s concerns or unanswered questions about your product.

Twenty most popular questions are a good number to start with.

Company presentation ("About" section)

Every commercial website needs a page with company information. Although visited in the last turn, it plays an important role in conversion. We’ll make your About page as empathic, as trusted, and as reputable as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding our web content writing services.


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