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It is often said that to be able to write an essay that is effective and purposeful, one should think of it as a conversational argument. There would be an introductory, middle, and end to the conversation or argument. An argumentative essay therefore is a kind of essay writing that builds one’s position on the topic in a persuasive but concise manner. The structure of an argumentative essay follows closely that of the general structure of how to write an essay:
  1. There is a strong and clear thesis statement that can be found in the introductory paragraph.
  2. The body should contain strong supports to the thesis statement, with each paragraph expressing only one support idea.
  3. The conclusion should not only restate the strong points but also provides a resolution to the thesis statement.
In order to win an argumentative essay, it is important that you are able to present your ideas not just clearly but completely. Every argument and idea counts. Don’t go around the bushes when you can state your ideas in a concise manner. Less is more, but less doesn’t necessarily mean incomplete. The common means to write an argumentative essay is the five-paragraph approach. It is simple yet powerful. The form is concise yet complete. You have an introductory paragraph that contains your thesis statement; three supporting paragraphs that reinforce your thesis statement, and your concluding paragraph that resolves your thesis statement. With argumentative essay, the writer will find that it not only enhances his essay writing skills but also develops his critical thinking skills to be able to convince the readers to his side of the argument.

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