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Writing Argumentative Papers

There is an opinion that college students can be divided into two groups: those who love writing argumentative papers and those who fear it. Students who do not shy away from composing argumentative essays are usually those who are highly opinionated and who enjoy in proving that their arguments are correct.

But that is where argumentative papers or any form of argumentative writing is often mistaken. It is not just about having an opinion and writing about it. The most important thing is in providing the facts of both the supporting and the opposing points in an argument and properly stating them in the paper.

Just like with any formal type of writing, there should always be a thesis. In argumentative papers, the thesis lies on the controversial topic to be discussed. It is called controversial because any topic for this kind of paper should be highly interesting to make it worthwhile. The thesis must not be written as an opinion but as a statement of the facts as to why you, as the writer, is supporting such an argument.

Next, the facts or points that support an argument should be written after the opening paragraph or the thesis statement. In this part, the writer should state his reasons why he is supporting that argument. It is here that an opinion can matter, but not too much. The important thing to keep in mind is that it is always the facts that give weight to an argument, not just plain opinions.

The rest of the argumentative paper should tackle the opposing facts of the argument. Proper care should be given in writing this as to avoid being a biased writing.


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