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Compensation rates

For three years, we've been working on the problem of finding optimal rates for you that would guarantee high quality of work. We have finally come up with a new price structure that takes into account most important nuances of your project, including besides traditional urgency criterion, such factors as subject, level of expertise, required academic level, and paper type.

Basic price per page
$6.00 per 1 page (250 words)

Basic price per page is provided for all projects (orders) that include:

  • Aany subject except Accounting & Auditing, Law, and Finance
  • Low expertise level
  • Any project type except Dissertation, PowerPoint Presentation, Excel Spreadsheet, and Annotated Bibliography
  • Deadline in no less than 8 days
  • High school education (academic) level

In case your project requirements differ from those above, use tables below to calculate adjusted price per page.

Subject add-on

Add corresponding amount if your paper is to be written in one of the following subjects:

Accounting & Auditing $2.50
Finance $2.50
Law $2.50
Other subjects $0

Required expertise add-on

Add to your individual price per page the amount that corresponds to your required level of expertise.

High expertise $1.50
Medium expertise $0.75
Low expertise $0

Required academic level add-on

Select academic level required by your customer and add appropriate price per page add-on to your amount.

Doctor $1.50
Master $1
Professional $0.50
Bachelor $0.25
Associate $0.25
High school $0

Urgency add-on

Does your paper need to be written urgently? If so, pick the add-on to price per page that corresponds to your urgency level.

0 to 8 hours $6.50
8 to 16 hours $5.50
16 to 24 hours $4.50
24 to 48 hours $2.50
48 to 72 hours $1.50
3 to 5 days $1
5 to 7 days $0.50
8+ days $0
Dissertations only
Up to 2 weeks $6.75
3 to 4 weeks $3.75
4 to 6 weeks $2.75
6 to 8 weeks $2.25
8+ weeks $1.25

Paper type add-on

Finally, pick appropriate project type. If your paper type isn't Dissertation, or Presentation, or Spreadsheet, or Annotated Bibliography, add zero.

Dissertation $2.50
Excel Spreadsheet (Basic) $1.50
Excel Spreadsheet (with Advanced Configuration) $2.50
Annotated bibliography $0.25
Other types $0
PowerPoint Presentation (with Speaker Notes) -$1
PowerPoint Presentation (Basic) -$3

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