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When you get stuck in the mud writing a college paper you will want to have some approach to get out of the mud. These three techniques have that power to free you to get on with writing your college paper.

Create an Outline

Once you create this habit you will never stop. Creating an outline breaks down the project into smaller steps that you can accomplish quickly and feel great about accomplishing. Do not go deeper than two levels to your outline. That is enough for most paper projects.

Each point should be a term of 1-3 words or a phrase that is a fragment of a sentence. The point in an outline is only a snapshot of a concept, so do not try to write full sentences.

Get a Writing Pal

Find a friend who can write with you or at least be with you while you hammer away at your paper. This provides a level of accountability that can create enough pressure to drive you to produce. They can even write for you if you have too much to handle. Even if they do not write, they can give you good feedback on what you produce. Just remember to find a way beforehand that you would like to repay them for their dedication to your friendship.

Read Other Authors

When you have nothing to write it does not hurt to read what others are writing. It might just jog your mind enough to start creating again. Be careful not to write anything verbatim that another author has written. It is not terrible to quote another writer or even to take the information you glean from their writing and use it to create a completely new work.

The Final Word

Preparing small steps through an outline or having assistance from a friend or from reading other authors are all great techniques for writing a college paper.

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