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Dealing with academic consequences of coronavirus: tips for students

COVID-19 is almost certainly the major thing this year will be remembered for. It has such a massive impact on our lives, irrespective of the fact if you or your family get infected with it. For starters, it locked us all up at home. It stopped so many normal activities, like going to the park, chatting with friends over a cup of coffee in a cafe, or even going to school for god’s sake. 

Writing is a Frame of Mind – Diamonds or Stones

While I was considering the differences between writing a term paper, as opposed to buying a term paper, I heard John Denver singing in the background, “Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.”. This is a truth of the functioning of the human mind. Many factors influence which day it will be, a diamond day or a stone day, though none determine it outright.

How to make essay notes

Different people have different styles of making notes when working with sources. However, there are some universal tips on note making that can make your library hours more efficient. You should definitely make a note when you come across the following things:

A brief introduction to citation styles

These days we find sources for the essays online more and more often. It would be great if we could just hyperlink them, instead of using complicated quotation systems and different citation styles. This day may come sometime, which will be of help with essay writing, but so far all essay writers are still bound to comply with the rules of MLA, APA, Chicago, and other less popular styles. Let us very briefly examine the ways these styles are different.

Tips for poem analysis

If you have been given the assignment to analyze a poem, don't panic! Works of literature are not easy to write about, especially when it comes to poems, but here we are to help with a couple tips for your essay! Analysis is something logic-based and poetry is usually something obscure, so they do seem hard to combine. However, there are plenty of angles you could analyze a poem from.

How to Revise a Draft

Not everyone possesses the skill to write the ideal first draft and submit the essay without prior revising. And in fact, none should. Unless it’s the in-class essay you only have a couple of hours to complete, you usually have enough time to revise your initial draft and improve your essay before it goes into your professor’s inbox.

Inquiry Essay

An inquiry essay is a type of paper that investigates things that you don't yet know but want to find out about. Word "inquire" means to ask for information, or to try to find an answer to questions you don't yet know.