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Appreciation for a literary artwork should not be only confined to a mere reading and comprehension activities. For a literary artwork to be elevated to a higher appreciation, a good analytical writing is necessary. A good analysis essay writing starts with describing the object in general or as a whole and then breaks down the complex issues present in the literary into a simple and basic one. Your analysis about a literary artwork may have something to do with the characterization, the story line, the plots, style and theme. You may wish to talk about something about it and then prove a point.

Analytical writing is composed of three parts:

  1. introduction,
  2. body and
  3. conclusion.

In the introductory section, your main focus or idea or opinion should be clearly stated. It must be broad and general; having specific statements of facts will only mean that your point will be easily disproved. Give your readers a challenge by avoiding specific statements. It is important also to include a thorough description of the literary artwork that you are talking about.

The body of your composition should present your points through evidence and examples. These evidences should clearly support the main opinion or focus you have stated in your introductory paragraph. Point out the details of your examples and its significance to your main idea. Summarize the evidences and then reinstate your opinion.

The conclusion, which is the last part, states clearly that your opinion is proved through the arguments presented in the body of your analytical essay.


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