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essay writing guide

Academic essay writing

Academic essay writing is one of the most popular assignments in high school and college. Essays are used to evaluate your understanding of the topic or measure the skills and abilities that you were supposed to acquire during the course. Some people confuse essays with research papers.

A Short Guide to Analytical Essay Writing

Appreciation for a literary artwork should not be only confined to a mere reading and comprehension activities. For a literary artwork to be elevated to a higher appreciation, a good analytical writing is necessary. A good analysis essay writing starts with describing the object in general or as a whole and then breaks down the complex issues present in the literary into a simple and basic one.

Learn how to research effectively

Whether you are writing professionally or forcibly for schoolwork, you need to learn how to research effectively. The contents of your article heavily depend on the data you will gather if you want your readers to stop raising their eyebrows when they read your stuff. The key to getting to the meat of things when you want to write a report about something is to know what you need to look for. Convert your chosen topic into a question so that you end up with a very specific focus as a main idea or topic. List down or mentally come up with a list of keywords that are related to your topic.

Persuasive Essay: Learn How to Make Your Arguments Strong

When you want to convince others of the validity of your points, agree with your facts, or share your values and conclusions, you write a persuasive essay. Since in the persuasive essay writing, only one side of the argument is presented, the author has to present the most powerful points. The structure of your persuasive essay should be similar to other essays that you are to write while in college. Your persuasive essay should be divided into three major parts which are introduction, body, and conclusion.

Essay: How to Write

An essay is a writing piece usually based from the author’s personal viewpoint. In an essay, how to write clearly can be helpful as the definition of an essay can be fuzzy oftentimes overlapping with how an article or a short story is defined. Learning how to write an essay need not be exasperating. Here are some simple techniques to learn the process easily and be able to write an essay clearly:

How to Write an Essay: Step-by-Step Guide

The power of transforming your essay writing from tedious to easy, from boring to interesting, and from lifeless to meaningful endeavor is in your hands. When you write an essay, you should bear in mind two powerful words: clarity and brevity. That said, here is a step-by-step guide on how to write an essay that delivers results.