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Are you tired of revising your essay introduction and end up consuming all your time writing just the introduction? Worry no more as here are tips that can guide you in writing introduction fast and easy.

Introduction in essay writing is probably the hardest part to write. Introduction is the first part that a reader may decide to look on when reading your essay. This makes the introduction a very important part in essay writing. So what should be the content of a good introduction? Many readers desire to have at least an idea on the topic and position being discussed in the essay early on as they want to know what are they spending time reading for. Thus, your introduction should contain the general framework of the ideas discussed in your essay writing.

Do not overstuff our introduction with unnecessary words- make it simple and direct to the point. To avoid circularity of ideas, vagueness and ambiguities, make your introduction meaningfully short by limiting your words to express only the most important of details a reader must know to be in a better position to understand your viewpoints. Avoid filling it out with too many details- enabling readers to grasp the general framework should suffice. The details deserve a thorough discussion in the body section, not the introduction. Last but certainly not the least, do not overstuff your introduction with you secondary arguments and premises as surely, such will be echoed again in your essay body.

Some people are very hasty in their writing the introduction that they take off with just the general theme. This causes them to do revisions every now and then as they are still processing the specific thoughts to write on.


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