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To formulate a research question, you ought to consider the following:

• Do you know the field and its writing style - adequately?
• What areas require further investigation?
• Would your study fill a gap or lead to more understanding of the subject matter?
• Has this study been done sometime recently? Provided that this is so, is there an opportunity to make it better?
• Is the timing a good fit for the research inquiry to get responses; and is it a hotly debated issue, or is it a subject that is out of date?
• And above all, will such research have any positive impact on the field?

Once you've thoroughly considered the key components of your research questions, theories, specific points, and study outline - you have the elements for an ideal research paper. This is a simple formula to help you sort out things easily and in addition to advance, spread, or get input on your thoughts.

Research paper or essay topic

A topic is what the essay or research paper is about. It delivers a focus for the writing and should be broken down into its constituents or smaller pieces. You should endeavor to stick with just one major topic per essay or research paper in order to have an understandable piece of writing.

Make out some list, and review your questions in order to choose a practical one that is neither too extensive nor too limited.
You have to consider the potential effect(s) of the research you are embarking on.

Contribution of your research to the field

What is the benefit of formulating such a research question? Who will it help (and how)?
A research question ought to be concise and straight to the point, and not some ambiguous bunch of inquiries.

Theoretical basis

You should give a good reason for your research question theories—such as where did they originate from, and why should they be accepted as true and factual?
Give clear explanations around the theories obtained and specify the reasons why you picked the ones you did over others?

Availability of research literature and methods

Ensure you provide the actual and specific points of reference that will help validate your speculations.
Also, make sure to verify:
• that your goals are measurable and objectively centered;
• every theory is coordinated with specific points.
• that all points are achievable.

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