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How to make your essay longer

Everyone experiences problems with essay length once in a while. It’s when you know what you want to say, but don’t know how to make 2000 words out of it, you find yourself wanting help with essay writing. When you are all out of constructive ideas and in need of making your paper longer, you risk losing quality. The typical mistakes made in the attempts to increase the word count are diverting from the topic, becoming repetitive and losing structure. Let us discuss the strategies to avoid those while still meeting the requirements for essay length.

Re-read your essay

You can always get the new ideas from re-reading what you have just written, it also helps you to fill in some missing parts. Your paragraphs are not ideally connected in the first draft, and you can throw a couple of opening and closing lines here and there. It is a possibility that a completely new idea occurs to you when you have read your essay a couple of times, which will eventually add an extra paragraph.

Include more examples

It is good to state things in your essay, but it is also good to be able to illustrate them. Statistical data, a case example or simply a more detailed explanation of what you mean by describing the imagined situation will work. If a good example doesn't come to your mind, use the web. The best textbooks are the ones where every theory gets very close to life and understandable illustration, and so are the best essays. Make sure your example is clear and memorable enough and is corresponding to the topic.


While it is useful to include more examples, it is also useful to draw conclusions from them. You state, you illustrate, and then you analyze. This makes for good structure, and for a longer paper. As long as you stay on the topic and refrain from repeating the same phrases, don't worry that you are rambling. Don’t forget about summing up your analysis at the end.

And as always, if at any point writing your paper seems too difficult, don’t hesitate to ask us for essay writing help!


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