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This essay is very straight forward. As can be determined from the title, an instruction essay explains to the reader how and why something is done. More often than not, this type of essay describes how to accomplish a task from start to finish. The strength of such an essay lies in the clarity of writing as well as the practical applicability of the subject matter. Not only does the essay need to teach something new to the reader, but it also needs to do it in a manner that is succinct and easily understandable. It is important that the writing is clear. Often, the thesis of your instruction essay will simply be a statement of what will be explained.

The first step is to understand exactly what is being explained. Often time this is a step-by-step procedure that the writer will walk the reader through to conclusion. The strength of such an essay lies in the clarity of instructions written by the author. Do not make it complicated, but rather straightforward and clear. Do not use complicated language, but rather use explicit language and transparent instructions. In addition to knowing exactly what needs to be explained, the writer must make sure that each step in the process of instruction is covered. This is especially important if the topic being described is complicated and intricate. The use of the imperative voice will help the writer to establish an effective tempo and tone for the essay. The main goal of such an essay is to ensure that the reader is well instructed in performing the task that is at hand. If the reader is confused, then the writer has failed at the elements of writing required for an instruction essay


  • Introduce topic and process to be described
  • Present thesis that will explain ultimate goal and desired outcome


  • Give step by step instruction to the process
  • Focus on clarity of writing and detail of explanation

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