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instruction essay

Process Essay Writing

The basic idea of a process essay is for the writer to explain to the reader how something is done. The writer needs to be very clear and upfront about the process and exact in explaining the various steps. The most effective essays will explain a process of something that is not ordinary, but rather will be creative and unusual. It might seem like writing a process essay will not allow for a writer to exercise much creativity, but this could not be further from the truth.

Instruction Essay Writing: Explain How and Why in Simple Words

This essay is very straight forward. As can be determined from the title, an instruction essay explains to the reader how and why something is done. More often than not, this type of essay describes how to accomplish a task from start to finish. The strength of such an essay lies in the clarity of writing as well as the practical applicability of the subject matter. Not only does the essay need to teach something new to the reader, but it also needs to do it in a manner that is succinct and easily understandable. It is important that the writing is clear.