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Although pretty much all writing has some element of your personal touch, a personal essay is a very specific type of essay. Most often a personal essay is written to gain acceptance or to introduce you to a group of people that do not already know you. It can be seen as trying to sell your skills and personality to an acceptance committee. These types of essays will often be required for higher education. They exciting part about this type of essay is that you have the freedom to be very creative. It can be in the form of an anecdote or however you want to present the information. One thing to keep in mind in a personal essay is to write it in a way that will set it apart. You also need to ensure that the writing is free of mistakes and is polished for maximum effect.

How to Write a Personal Essay

A good place to start a personal essay is with a good brainstorming session. This will help to focus and organize your thoughts for the essay. Some things to brainstorm could be why you are interested in the specific area or what you will do with their career in the future. Make sure that you are clear about what is required and what skills and opinions you posses in order to achieve a quality marketing yourself. Another extremely important aspect of a personal essay is for the author to quickly grab the attention of the reader. What will set this essay apart from the thousands of essays that the committee will likely read? A powerful and grabbing opening paragraph will immediately set the personal essay a part and make the committee want to read it. Knowing the program or group that you is applying to will also help improve the quality of writing and strengthen the essay. Infusing the essay with reasons why they group or program is a good fit for the author is also a good idea. Making connections and bridging between personal experience and future goals is a good way to set the essay apart.



  • Set the stage for the essay
  • Use this paragraph to catch the reader’s attention and begin to set the essay apart


  • Share experiences
  • Establish good qualities and credibility


  • Make connections between writer and program
  • Leave the reader with a lasting impression

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