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How To Write During Commercial Breaks

We really are a culture of TV addiction, but it's more than an addiction. TV has been integrated into our daily dose of necessary social activity. If we went without TV for too long, it would unravel our social fabric. So the question is how to write during commercial breaks.

Censor, Censure, Sensor, and Censer

If you buy a term paper, you might end up with a shoddy job. The only way to be sure is to look for tale-tell word confusions. Here are four that sound nearly identical and even native writers confuse. If the writer is well educated his or her brain will have built in sensors to detect an incorrect word switch and will censor it before they type it.

College essay writing is easier with an outline

College essays are a major handicap of so many students. If they could, these students will surely ban this schoolwork from the classrooms. How to write a report that will result in a high grade is definitely something every student aims for. Some wouldn’t even bother learning how to do it and just hire somebody who can. This just defeats the training purpose. Any college essay would be easy to handle if you knew your basic grammar structure and how to apply them when you write a report.

Personal Essay: Market Yourself Using All Means

Although pretty much all writing has some element of your personal touch, a personal essay is a very specific type of essay. Most often a personal essay is written to gain acceptance or to introduce you to a group of people that do not already know you. It can be seen as trying to sell your skills and personality to an acceptance committee. These types of essays will often be required for higher education. They exciting part about this type of essay is that you have the freedom to be very creative.