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Process Essay Writing

The basic idea of a process essay is for the writer to explain to the reader how something is done. The writer needs to be very clear and upfront about the process and exact in explaining the various steps. The most effective essays will explain a process of something that is not ordinary, but rather will be creative and unusual. It might seem like writing a process essay will not allow for a writer to exercise much creativity, but this could not be further from the truth. Take a mundane activity and put a spin on it that will make the reader take note, such as making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. While it does not seem like much, a writer can exercise a great deal of creativity and still fulfill the qualifications of a process essay.

The first step in a process essay is to decide what the writer will be explaining. This could be anything that requires a series of steps but it is recommended that the writer either pick a very interesting topic or a new spin on a mundane topic.

The next step is to outline EVERYTHING involved in the process. Do not assume that the reader will fill in the blanks. Make sure that the writer covers all of the steps in great detail and adequately explains each step so that an uninformed reader will be able to complete the process from beginning to end. One of the things that a writer might want to include is how long the process might take.

The final thing that is absolutely necessary in a process essay is to use clear language. Do not fill a process essay with fluffy language but rather be descriptive enough and accurately describe the points of the process. Remember that the point of a process essay is to walk the reader through how to accomplish a task.


  • Explain the ultimate goal of the process


  • Break down the process
  • Explain the process in easy to understand steps


  • Describe the finished process.

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