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Template of a Report

A report is usually a more business like paper than the other essays featured in this blog and although a report can be written on any topic, the rigidity of the format of this type of paper doesn't lend itself to creative or persuasive content.

See title page template.

A report does not usually have an abstract, but instead the executive summary is a short (1-2pages) version of the full report.

The report will start with a few sentences that sets the scene of the situation. Unlike the other types of paper a report format contains a number of headings and sub headings with clearly focused information contained underneath each one. If we were to prepare a report on the Capote thesis we mentioned earlier then possible sub-headings could include.

Just the thesis statement as outlined in the earlier paper examples we have discussed - a short sentence that includes the main thought/purpose of the whole report.

This section would expand and explain the thesis statement a little more

Here the writer would include the information about Capote that was relevant to the thesis including writing training, other writing credits, education and level of expertise as a journalistic writer (see previous articles in which we discuss In Cold Blood by Truman Capote)

This section would deal with the critical reviews on the book.

Here the writer has the chance to include his own thoughts about the thesis but in this section you do need to make sure you stick to analyzing the material in the paper, rather than introduce new material.

Although there would be few recommendations possible in a thesis about Capote's book this section could include commentary on how Capote could have rephrased part of his character analysis for example, that might have added credibility to the factual nature of the book.

This section would also be very brief, just a few lines that ties up the findings of the report.

Although, as mentioned earlier reports are more likely to be used for more structured topics such as business, statistics and accounting, it is possible to write a report on any topic at all so long as the writer ensures that the formality and format of the report is adhered to.


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