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Template of an Analytical Paper

An analytical paper contains primary source material that is compared within a theoretical framework devised either by the author or by an established expert in a field.

Title page

See the title page template.


Maximum 150 words, written in single line format without indentations, summarizing the thesis and main points of the paper.


In the introductory part of your analytical paper, the analysis of the thesis needs to be considered from an existing analytical model, or one proposed by the author. In the thesis regarding Capote's In Cold Blood, the analysis of how journalistic bias would need to be based on a model that has already been accepted by experts in the literary field and this model can be mentioned in the paper's introductory paragraph. Normally, the introduction for almost all types of papers should include:


  1. An opening sentence
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Focus of your analytical paper

Remember this rule and you will likely never have problems with writing good introductions to your papers.

Main body

Here, depending on your word count, you will need a minimum of four paragraphs, each one supported by a topic sentence and a transition sentence so that the thoughts in the analysis flow in a logical manner. In the case of an analysis essay based on Clare's thesis, each paragraph should include direct quotations from the book to support the analysis point made, and if commentary from other researchers can also be used to support your claims that Capote's descriptions were biased by personal opinion then this should also be included in the relevant paragraph topics.

In several words, you need the following to be included in your analytical paper:

  • Four paragraphs minimum, each supported by an argument
  • Transitional sentences between paragraphs
  • Commentary from other researchers - these make your analysis more convincing
  • Minimum direct quotations


It is possible in an analytical paper that the information presented in the paper doesn't support the original thesis and if this is the case then it is perfectly acceptable for you to say so in your concluding paragraphs, provided you explain why your analysis does not support the thesis.


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