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Title page template and tips

As you can see from previous articles, some of the differences between research paper types are very subtle and this is the reason that many students, even those who do know their subject matter very well, still only receive a B or C grade for their paper. Because tutors place as much emphasis on how a paper is written as the paper content even bright students can feel disheartened with their progress if they are not receiving top grades for their work. That is why learning about different research paper types can help you achieve consistently high grades as you write papers that meet your tutor's requirements specifically and in every aspect. You will learn more ways of improving your research paper writing as you move through this course.

The final page of this article contains a sample title page that can be used to provide a professional cover to most research paper types.

When writing your title page, note that:

  • Title of your paper in the Running Head field should be written in all capitals
  • Running head should be adjusted to the left
  • To make your header look fine, you need to adjust it to the right using buttons at the top of your MS Word or any other text processor you use
  • Page number should be placed top right, not top left or bottom centered, or else
  • Student name and affiliation follow paper title immediately and should not be separated from it

I hope my templates help you in your studying.


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