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A deductive essay is one that involves a deductive reasoning or a deductive argument. It is one of the formal types of essay. What it suppose to include?

Essay writing for a deductive type is a typical requirement in college. In a deductive essay, there is an apparent movement between premise and conclusion. So a deductive essay necessarily involves two parts- premises and conclusion. It does not matter how many premises and conclusions you make - the premise may be one or more and so is the conclusion. What is important is that the premises of your essay writing should be able to provide the necessary and sufficient grounds for your conclusion. This makes for the logical framework of your essay writing.

A well written deductive essay is one which is logical, that is, there must be an apparent coherence and consistency between the stipulated premises and conclusions. Essay writing a deductive argument should be precise and clear. Here, it will help if you choose your words carefully. Use words that are not very ambiguous – meaning, words that are capable of conveying your thoughts in a clear and precise manner. As you are necessarily making a position, be sure that you limit your discussion with the topic you are working. Focusing on your topic can help you deliver your topic in a clear, accurate manner. This, in turn, could make your readers understand it more easily.

It is not advisable to use figurative speech in deductive essays. Figurative speech is so dependent on readers’ comprehension and sometimes it is very hard to tell what exactly is being conveyed by the author.


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