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Imagine you are a fitness trainer and you’re working with overweight people. And you started to experiment with paleo, intermittent fasting, and keto diets, and you see how much these types of diets helped you improve your health and looks. Cautiously, you start to recommend these diets to your customers, and you see that they lose weight and achieve dramatic relief from their chronic diseases. So you believe that diet is the main component of a healthy lifestyle, and you want to become a nutritional coach. But there is one problem: to counsel people on nutrition, you need to be a certified nutritionist. So you looked up the certification programs on nutrition in your area, and you are shocked to know that all these programs still teach a middle-aged approach to nutrition.

For example, they all insist that you ea a lot of “healthy grains”, while you learned in your personal research that grains are one of the most problematic foods for many people, creating many problems that range from high blood sugar to insulin resistance, intestinal permeability, chronic inflammation, to overeating caused by addictive properties of wheat. Then these nutrition courses tell us to avoid saturated fats at all costs, and replace them with carbs or seed oils - and you know from many clinical studies that you have looked into that saturated fats do not cause heart disease, and they are in fact indispensable for the healthy immune system, brain function, and hormonal health. And seed oils, so eagerly promoted by mainstream nutrition, have a chemical structure that is very reactive. They cause oxidation of our tissues, create free radicals, and maintain high levels of chronic inflammation. And there are hundreds and hundreds of other things that you see are taught in nutrition courses that are very controversial at least. You understand that the mainstream nutritional approach is biased and dogmatic. It does not incorporate the latest science on ketosis, low carb diets for treating diabetes and metabolic syndrome, evidence of addictive properties of sugars and refined carbs, research into adverse effects of seed oils, and endocrine-disrupting properties of soy and other plant-based products, and so on and so forth. So for you, studying in such a course would be the torture of your intellect. You know that if you argue with your teachers, most likely, you will not get your certification. And without the certification, you will not be able to work with your clients and help them change their lives for better.

So you understand that the best way for you would be to take this BS course in nutrition and do the tasks that are required from you just to get the diploma. And then, you will be able to present your own research to people and let them experiment and decide what works for them. This is the situation when custom writing service like Personal Writer is essential for your plan. We have writers who will write all those writing assignments in nutrition, the way your teachers want to see them and spare you the mental anguish of having to conform to the dogmatic opinion that you do not believe in. We will do this hard work for you. 

Another example of a situation where outsourcing a degree makes perfect sense is this. Imagine you are working in a company in the sales or marketing department, and you are doing your job perfectly well. You connect with your clients, you create highly effective campaigns, and you see that your work contributes to the company in a significant way. That’s because you have worked in this company for ten years, and you have acquired experience and unique insight into the working of your profession. And now you are due for promotion, but your boss tells you he cannot promote you because you do not have a proper college degree. So the obvious solution is to enroll in some online program that would open you the doors towards professional growth. However, most of the material that you need to cover in that program either does not apply to your particular job situation or is self-evident. You make use of some of the courses that indeed contribute to the work skills, but you feel that you just waste your time on most of the courses. This is again the perfect situation when you need to outsource non-essential courses and tasks to a professional academic writing service.

Personal-Writer has been on the market of custom research writing for 15 years. We have acquired unique expertise in a wide range of subjects, from nutrition and physiology to marketing and finances. Use our writers as your personal academic assistants. We will help you do the tasks that are non-essential to you so that you can focus on your work and get through your college or professional certification. For 15 years, we have helped hundreds of clients receive the degrees that they needed for career promotion.

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