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Write Reports with Wit

So you are writing a formal report and wondering how to incorporate creativity with it to kick the boredom away? Who said reports should always be boring?

A report is part of formal essay writing. It often has a standard format that needs to be followed. Unlike the other instances of essay writing, reports are more meticulously written. It is often analytic in nature that is why students find it difficult to integrate creativity in their essay writing. This makes the report packed with technical details and often boring to read. One way to elicit interest to readers is to provide for a catchy statement in the introduction. This can be done by asking a question for instance and to insinuate some kind of interaction between you and the readers. Asking them a question can inspire them to be thinking at their feet and so boredom is inhibited.

Another tip is keeping things short and simple without necessarily sacrificing on details. For instance, too many examples can crowd your article and tire the readers – preventing them to read further. If you think it is necessary to illustrate your point by giving an illustration, limit it with one example per thought or idea advanced. Lastly, state it in simple facts and simple words. Try to choose words that specifically capture the meaning you want to be conveyed. This would keep the reader going as they do not need to read twice just so to have a good guess on what you are trying to say.

Also, keep in mind that reports should contain just the facts. Avoid inclusions of pure speculations from which to base your arguments on.

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