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Creative Essay

What is a Creative Essay?

Writing a creative essay can be one of the most rewarding writing exercises because the writer is often in control of the structure and approach of the writing. This can also be very intimidating to the beginning writer. Typical academic writing usually attempts to prove some sort of point through debate and evidence; and while a creative essay might do the same, it is likely not in the traditional manner of academic writing.

Another element that distinguishes a creative essay is that the writer usually engages the reader on multiple levels of a subject. There is the over subject about which the writer is providing detail, but there is also a deeper subject that addresses a larger, more general issue. This is one of the most gratifying ways of writing but it is also one of the most challenging due to its lack of given structure.

How to Write a Creative Essay?

A creative essay employs many of the same elements that are used in fiction. Often times, there is narrative, characters and a plot. Essentially, creative essays tell stories and are often driven by a great deal of action. This necessary action coupled with the presence of a deeper subject means that the writer needs to keep in mind the structure of the essay and ensure that the structure is moving the reader toward a point of revelation about the topic.

The structure of a creative essay, although very fluid from one writer to the next, is the strength of such an essay and must move the reader towards the underlying theme of the essay. One strategy that a writer might choose to employ in order to achieve this movement is intrigue and mystery. The structure of an essay laced with mystery will keep the reader invested and curious to learn more about the topic.

Template for a Creative Essay

Considering the fluid nature of the structure, there is no template for a creative essay. As was said above, the structure is extremely important in moving the action and the reader forward; however, the development of the structure is as creative as the writer.

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