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Creative Essay

What is a Creative Essay?

Writing a creative essay can be one of the most rewarding writing exercises because the writer is often in control of the structure and approach of the writing. This can also be very intimidating to the beginning writer. Typical academic writing usually attempts to prove some sort of point through debate and evidence; and while a creative essay might do the same, it is likely not in the traditional manner of academic writing.

Narrative Essay Writing: Express Personal Thoughts but Keep It to the Point

A narrative essay allows, in more ways than any other essay does, you to express personal thoughts and deep revelations. It also allows an author to share memories and other experiences, whether they are humorous, informative or teach a moral lesson. Most narrative essays take the form of a story and are most often told from the point of view of the author. But more than simply tell a story, a narrative essay also tries to prove a point, even through it could be something simple. The story serves as evidence for the point.