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Imagine you receive the assignment to write a country report. And you go "Wait a minute, where IS Belize?". When you have never heard of the country you need to write about or know very little of it (“Belarus? Is it the one with bears and vodka? No, that's Russia...”), there are several things you could do. And if you still find writing your country report too difficult, we are here with our essay writing services!

Research the basics

Wikipedia would do! This is not a source you will quote, but it is the way to quickly get a general idea of the country you’ll be writing your essay on. You will usually find a concise overview of the country's geography and climate, history, politics, economics, and culture on Wikipedia. This will help you place it on the world map, and maybe refresh some of the previous knowledge about the region or similar states. Belize, for example, is located in Central America, used to be a British colony, and its population is highly multicultural. This is a start. Wikipedia also works as a bibliography - you can always check the list of the sources that were used to write the Wiki article and locate them online or elsewhere. CIA World Factbook is also a good source to start with, and it is the one you actually can quote in your paper, as well as BBC country reports.

Focus on the specifics

Now you know something about your country. All of this information is important, but not all of it has to go in the paper. You would usually only have 12-20 double-spaced pages, and just repeating all the basic facts will make your essay boring and lacking a personal perspective. What you could do instead is identify the main issues you'd like to discuss and focus on them. For Belarus, the list might include the lack of democracy, the infringement of human rights, a stagnant economy, migration of the young and capable population. Regroup the factual information so that it serves as an illustration for what you want to say, don't just retell it. You can also see how the issues you have identified are interconnected. And, if you think that there is too much information to process, and you don’t have enough time for it, don’t worry! We can help you write your essay at any stage!

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