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This type of essay is pure creative writing. While it can take on elements of persuasion or argument, it is really a very informal way for you to get thoughts down on paper. This does not mean that it does not serve a function or prove a point, but most often it will include plenty of humor and a good deal of your observations of the world. Just because an essay is informal does not meant that it does not follow certain rules. It still retains structure, but the personality of the author is allowed to shine through more often than in formal writing.

The first step in composing an informal essay is to decide upon a topic. More often than not, this will only be limited by your creativity. After a topic has been decided, you should determine how the essay will be written. Usually the next step is to ensure an adequate among of research to become knowledgeable in the topic, and this could still happen in an informal essay, but more often than not, an informal essay is simply your thoughts and ideas. It is important, as you are writing, to maintain a sense of personal voice. In fact in an informal essay, it is often as though the author is speaking directly to the reader instead of trying to present material in an academic manner. Although the essay does not have to have an academic tone, it still must exhibit proper writing technique. Do not get careless with grammar and language usage simply because the writing style is informal. Often the conclusion of such an essay will point to a larger connection or seek to provide new insight into the topic.

There is no set structure in this type of writing as it is completely up to you. However, do ensure that the essay has a defined structure. Even though it is informal, do not make it appear that the writing is just random thoughts put on paper.

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