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Being a high school or college student, you probably have heard of such service as academic writing help or custom research paper writing. For years, this service field has been a grey area for students, and many think that using the help of someone else while completing college writing tasks is indecent.

At the same time, on a global scale, we’re seeing that outsourcing has become one of the vehicles of boosting economies and maximizing efficiencies. Your home appliances, clothing, even the device you’re currently using to read this text have been made in countries others that their brands’ registered addresses. Most probably your iPhone has been made in China or elsewhere in South-East Asia.

Global companies around the world don’t think it’s shameful to outsource labor and expertize.

But that’s about business, what about outsourcing on a personal, everyday level? Well, maybe you have heard of the book “4 Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris? It’s exactly about outsourcing all the things in life that you don’t consider fun or interesting or challenging. The book has been a major bestseller and helped many people to change their lives with smart personal outsourcing. It teaches that our time and attention are very precious, and it’s worth hiring a personal assistant from the Philippines to take care of your everyday errands than spend your energy on boring or repetitive tasks that someone else could do for you.

Many people will be fascinated with the book, but still say “but education is a different matter! Education is meant to learn things, and how can you learn something that you don’t do yourself?” I completely agree with the idea that education is meant to learn things. But it does not always work that way. If you’re studying to be a doctor, you won’t have your personal writer go and do the operation for you. What you can employ him for is to perform a host of other tasks that your profession is not related to, but you need to do in your college. Like some colleges have courses on English or philosophy that have nothing to do with your knowledge of how to make a heart surgery, but are meant to develop you as a personality. Well, the reality is, often students are so overwhelmed by a great number of tasks, that they just don’t have time for those personality development assignments at that very moment.

Sometimes the grading system of your course is just wrong. It evaluates your writing skills rather than knowledge of the subject. I have seen many examples when people asked our services to reformat the paper in APA or MLA or other styles, because they received F grade for a paper which is brilliant in content and understanding of the topic, but is not properly formatted, or is written in report format instead of essay! How can you stay motivated when you see your research, ideas, and efforts ignored because of some formalistic requirements?

This is where the idea of outsourcing your academic assignments starts to make perfect sense.

You don’t outsource because you’re lazy. You outsource because in this imperfect educational system, this is the only way to keep your priorities, pass your exams and don’t get burned out.

This is just the beginning of your life, you should be inspired and enthusiastic about what you’re going to do in life, not dreadful or exhausted!
So if you read these lines and can relate to them, maybe looking for services of a good custom writing company can be a solution to prioritize expenditure of your time and attention.

Choosing a proper academic research help company requires a lot of experience and attention to detail. A proper company will deliver excellent service, making your essay exclusive and fully detailed. But there are dozens of custom writing websites that employ writers from third world countries that don’t only have a proper command of English language, but lack academic qualifications and even basic understanding of subjects they’re writing on!

So you need to pay special attention to the feedback on the website service that you may find on the web (negative feedbacks tend to spread fast), to the quality of their customer service, to the guarantees that the company provides on the quality of your paper and on keeping the deadlines, and to availability of direct communication with your writer.

Our custom writing company Personal Writer has been on the market of research paper writing services for more than 10 years and during this time it has delivered thousands of papers on a variety of subjects to undergraduate and graduate students in the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

We have a small team of writers, but all of them have been selected for their exceptional expertise and commitment to quality.

Please, send us inquiry if you’re interested in further details.


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