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Whenever you need help with essay writing, it is best if you communicate all instructions you received from your professor to the writer. It always helps us to know if certain sources are prohibited to use / required, if you are explicitly asked to cover certain points in the essay, if it is expected you base the paper rather on the literature, or on your personal ideas with some references to support them. However, knowing all of the above is not always sufficient for the writer to produce an essay customized for you.

Opinion essay? We can help.

A good example of this is the opinion essay. The nature of this type of essay implies that you should clearly state your opinion on the controversial subject and provide arguments and factual data to support them, or at least write a paragraph about what you personally think at the end, after analyzing both sides of the topic. Given a task to write the personal opinion essay, you are required to either support or oppose a certain idea and be able to explain, why you do.

Whose opinion does your essay defend?

Your writer, of course, would have an opinion of their own, and it will be the easiest for them to come up with arguments supporting their personal convictions. However, being a professional as we all are, a writer doesn’t have to personally believe in the idea to be able to defend it. We are here merely to help you with essay writing, not to advocate what we believe in, and we will put your essay together with the way you want it to be. That’s why it’s important you let us know if you have any strong beliefs related to your essay topic. Having a writer provide you an essay that isn’t customized enough could land you in an awkward situation (like your professor complimenting you in class for submitting a great pro-choice essay while you are strictly pro-life).

It helps us not only to know where you stand on certain issues but also your background or personal experience that may be relevant to the subject of the essay. We could include it in the paper to illustrate or explain the points we make, and to make the essay we deliver to you truly yours. By the way, it works not only for personal opinion essays but for other types of papers as well.

Essay privacy?

And don’t worry - any personal details you might disclose do not compromise your privacy, as we are taking measures to protect it.

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