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The idea behind a research paper is for the writer to propose a new discovery and trying to persuade the reader that it is a valid discovery. It is more than just repeating the discoveries of others, but rather the writer will use the research of others to come up with a new idea. A research essay must remain very factual and convince the reader through presentation of research, not through persuasive arguments. Once the initial claim is made, the remainder of a research essay is the presentation of evidence that support and prove the thesis. The thesis is the most critical part of a research paper as it will provide organizations and direction to the rest of the essay. It is important for the writer of a research essay to come up with an original thesis rather than just recycle someone else’s work.

The best place to begin a research paper is to develop a strong original thesis about a given or chosen topic. If the writer is going to attempt to analytically synthesize previous research and come to a new conclusion, it is essential that he or she knows what has been done previously. Research is at the core of such a paper. You must go in-depth and must have a broad range of sources in order to be credible and garner support for the new thesis. The writing of a research essay must be clear and straightforward. Do not fill sentences with flowery language, but present findings in a logical manner that will combine the research to come to a new conclusion.

  • Give background to problem
  • Present thesis with new synthesized idea

  • Present research that supports thesis
  • Stick to facts, leave out opinions

  • Reiterate thesis
  • Highlight key research points

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